Mama Maria's Pizza

Mama Maria’s Pizza

Mama Maria’s Pizza serves up piping hot, cheese covered pizza all summer long. Opened after midnight, it is perfect for a late night snack after barhopping in downtown Put-in-Bay.

Mama Maria’s Menu Highlights

Fresh ingredients, plenty of cheese and sauce, delicious crust, and fun toppings are the recipe for a perfect slice. Mama Maria’s makes sure there is something for everyone with their eclectic menu. They also make humongous meatball subs. All-beef meatballs are covered in heaping portions of sauce and cheese on a fresh roll. They also offer wraps.

They also soft drinks, Red Bull, and other assorted drinks. The counter is always manned by a friendly server, happy to help you with your order. This is a great spot for a quick dinner for the family.

A Great Location

Delaware Avenue is the bustling heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. Full of people strolling and having fun all summer long, bars and restaurants line the street and live music can be heard playing. Mama Maria’s is located heart in the middle of all this excitement. Close the Jet Express terminal, grab a slice before heading to the mainland. Or fill up after a long, sunny day on the boat. Everyone loves pizza after all!

Close by lots of different lodging options, from casual to upscale, Mama Maria’s Pizza is incredibly convenient. Whether you stay at the Put-in-Bay Condos, Commodore Resort Inn, or the Park Hotel, pizza is always close by.

Stop by Mama Maria’s Pizza after spending the night at Frosty’s Bar, Mr. Ed Bar and Grille, Mojito Bay or The Round House. Pizza is always the perfect way to end a night on the town. You’re sure to meet other folks chowing down on pizza after a night on Put-in-Bay and who knows, maybe make some new friends. Make Mama Maria’s part of your summer.