Del Sol

Del Sol

For something extra sunny, head to Del Sol, located in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. This unique shop carries items that change in the sun. Yes, you read that right. From sunglasses to hats, each gift transforms when exposed to the sun. The perfect gear to wear while celebrating summertime on Put-in-Bay.

Del Sol’s Offerings

Del Sol is the leader when it comes to color change apparel. They work with a panel of chemist to develop this innovative technology and there are actually crystals embedded in each item! Seems almost impossible.

They also make sure to only sell the freshest, most contemporary designs. The t-shirts are graphic and fun. Watch as a bright orange sunset appears behind a palm tree once you step aside in this shirt. Step back inside and the colors change back.

One of the most fun items is their line of nail polish. Available in a variety of colors, dazzle your friends with your constantly changing nails. Best sellers include bright pink to vibrant purple and glittery white to glittery lavender. Buy every shade to change it up all summer long.

The sunglasses are always a huge hit. The aviator styles are really something because the metallics do the changing. Watching your frames fade from silver to gold is almost out of this world. They carry a range of popular styles to choose from.

Other items include visors, headbands, and jewelry. They always run a special promotion for a free bag. Buy enough to earn point so you can get your very own Put-in-Bay Del Sol bag and remember your special summer on the island.

Put-in-Bay in the Summer

The entire island is full of amazing, fun activities to choose from. Wear your newest Del Sol gear on the boat or on a bike ride and soak up the sun.

Once the sun goes down and your t-shirt and nail polish change back, take in some live music at one of the bars like Frosty or the Boathouse. Or dine out under the stars at The Keys or one of the many restaurants at The Boardwalk. You will love it here!


185 Toledo Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA