Annual Key West Days at Put-in-Bay

Annual Key West Days at Put-in-Bay

Island entertainers who perform on Put-in-Bay in the summer and in Key West in the winter will participate in the annual “Key West Days at Put-in-Bay.”

Key West held its first “Put-in-Bay Days” in February of 2005 with a huge turnout of northerners seeking to escape the winter cold. Check our entertainment page for schedules and look for Mike “Mad Dog” Adams, Pete & Wayne, Ray Fogg, and Bob Gatewood when you visit the island! This is the perfect weekend for those who enjoy live entertainment and are looking for a summer getaway.

Enjoy the Key West of the Midwest for this entertaining weekend. Choose from a beautiful suite or lakefront condo to spend your time in! Put-in-Bay offers many attractive options when it comes to lodging including Bed and Breakfasts and entire houses! Check out the island’s lodging now to make sure you don’t miss out!

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