Want to know what’s happening at the Bay? Find out in real time with these Put-in-Bay webcams! We’ve carefully selected some of the best spots to put them, and we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for the additions on this page. We hope you enjoy!

Put-in-Bay Boardwalk Lobster Bisque Cam

Sunset Monument Cam (West)

Mr Ed's "Hi Mom" Bar Cam

Put-in-Bay Condos Cam

Ship House Cam

Sunrise Monument Cam (East)

What Do You Want To See On The Put-in-Bay Ohio Webcams?

Not everyone that loves Put-in-Bay lives in Ottawa County. There are people in Cleveland and Toledo, the state of Michigan, really anywhere in the Midwest, that have a love for PIB in their house but without the means to come stay in Put-in-Bay lodging every weekend. So when you really need to get away to the Bay but can’t physically, our PIB webcams are the next best thing! So what do you want to see?

Is It The Put-in-Bay Harbor, The Jet Express And Perry’s Monument?

Then you’ll want to spend some time on The Boardwalk’s “Lobster Bisque” cam! This one has sweeping shots of the Put-in-Bay Harbor, great views of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, and the dock where the Jet Express comes in from both Port Clinton and Cedar Point in Sandusky. And as an additional treat, OSU’s Stone Laboratory and Middle Bass Island as well!

What About Kelleys Island And The Miller Ferry?

For these sights you’ll want to check out the Put-in-Bay Condos Lake Erie webcam. This camera shows you locally famous Starve Island, popular tourist destination Kelleys Island, and looks all the way back to the mainland to see both Sandusky and Catawba Island, which is where the Miller Boat Line docks on the mainland.

Maybe You Want To See Amazing Sunsets And Lake Erie Shores?

The Benson Ford Ship House webcam is the one for you! Maybe the most scenic shots on South Bass Island comes from this live webcam. Incredible sunsets and the best view of fearsome Lake Erie storms, you’ll be in for a treat watching this live webcam!

Or Is It All The Fun People Are Having In Put-in-Bay Ohio?

Mr. Ed’s “Hi Mom!” live webcam is the go-to webcam for all the downtown Put-in-Bay fun! See people riding their Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals and enjoying all the great bars and restaurants (not at the same time of course!) Many of PIB’s best hotels & resorts are in the downtown area as well, although there are some major exceptions like the Put-in-Bay Condos! And our favorite Put-in-Bay golf carts are downtown as well, at the Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Center! But everyone who makes Put-in-Bay reservations makes their way downtown at some point, and now you can go there virtually!

Whatever You’re Looking For, Our Put-in-Bay Webcams Have It!

When we installed these webcams, we did so with the intent of being able to provide a 24/7/365 look into life on the island, from the incredible party weekends, the calm serene summer midweeks, and the harsh realities of an island winter. We really think that you will find that we’ve succeeded. But there’s no replacement for an actual physical visit to the Bay, so we hope to see you this summer!