Put-In-Bay Restaurants Are Superb!

Experience the Best of Put-In-Bay Dining: A Guide to Delight Everyone

Welcome to Put-In-Bay, a small island in Lake Erie with big flavors! Known to many as South Bass Island, this charming spot is a paradise for food lovers. Whether you’re dreaming of a mouth-watering burger, a delicious steak with a view on The Boardwalk’s upper deck, or a sweet scoop from the Candy Bar, you’ll find a dish to fall in love with here at Put-In-Bay, Ohio.

Don’t let our island’s size fool you. We’re bursting with a variety of fantastic dining options and great food that promise to please everyone in your group. And let’s not forget the legendary bars of Put-In-Bay, where late nights come alive with fun and laughter!

We’ve done the research for you, gathering all the details about the best places to eat and drink on the island. You’ll find everything you need right here: locations, contact info, and a sneak peek into what makes each spot special. All you need to do is scroll down, pick your favorites, and get ready to involve yourself in some of the most delicious food and vibrant atmospheres Put-In-Bay has to offer.

Our guide is your key to uncovering the culinary gems of Put-In-Bay. Whether it’s a romantic evening, a family meal, or a night out with friends, we’ve got you covered. So, come on in, explore our guide, hop into your Put-in-Bay golf cart rental and let’s make your visit to Put-In-Bay a deliciously unforgettable adventure!

Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille
Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille is the go-to spot for food and fun in Put-in-Bay. With a mouthwatering menu, full bar, and three live entertainment venues, Mr. Ed’s slings the best in summertime fun. They are conveniently located on Delaware Ave across the street from Derivera Park. right in the middle of downtown Put-in-Bay! The daylight hours at Mr. Ed’s means outdoor seating by the lake, incredible food, and plenty of TVs indoors to show all your favorite teams. You can enjoy everything from margaritas to beers from a local distillery. A new feature to the Put in Bay restaurants,...More Information
The Green Room at Mr. Ed’s
As the most exclusive nightclub located in the heart of downtown, The Green Room at Mr. Ed’s is the best place to dance the night away on Put-in-Bay. The Green Room features beautiful views of Lake Erie, a 360-degree bar, and the best DJ’s in town. The Green Room at Mr. Ed’s Bar Details The Green Room at Mr. Ed’s is open Thursday through Sunday from 10 pm – 2 am. Each night features a DJ spinning the hottest tracks all night long. The club itself is located right above Mr. Ed’s Bar on Delaware Avenue. Take a break from dancing...More Information
MIST Pool Bar
The hottest pool bar on Put-in-Bay, MIST Pool bar includes all the luxuries of a resort pool with the excitement of a high-end nightclub. This 21+ spot is definitely one of the most exclusive spots on South Bass Island, Ohio. MIST Pool Bar Details Located at the Commodore Resort, MIST is open to both hotel guests and visitors. The best live entertainment here all weekend long as two waterfalls cascade into the pool and revelers have the time of their lives enjoying the fun Caribbean vibe. The pool is crystal clean with 2000 square feet of climate-controlled perfection. It is regularly...More Information
Joe’s Bar & Restaurant
Classic bar food, outdoor games, and a fun, friendly vibe is on deck at Joe’s Bar & Restaurant. This gastropub serves up some of the most delectable bar foods anywhere on the island. A little tucked away from downtown Put-in-Bay, Joe’s is the self-proclaimed “Best Dive Bar on the Planet.” Order a Sloppy Joe’s Dip or Artichoke Asiago Dip and take a seat in their expansive outdoor patio. There are plenty of things to do in Put in Bay, especially at Joe’s Bar, like playing over-sized Jenga and Corn Hole. Joe’s is the perfect place to spend summers in Put-in-Bay,...More Information
Subway on Put-in-Bay, Ohio makes it easy to fuel up on delicious, fresh, and healthy food. Conveniently located with fast service and affordable eats, enjoy a sub any time of day and then get back to summertime fun on Put-in-Bay. The signature scent of the freshly made bread greets visitors in the lobby of the Commodore Hotel. Located right on Delaware Ave, the Commodore is minutes from the Refuge Harbor and Perry Park. This is the perfect location to refuel on South Bass Island. Conveniently located by Delaware Ave and Catawba Ave. You can take your fresh sub and enjoy a...More Information

Put-in-Bay Restaurants: What You Need to Know

Put-in-Bay Restaurants
Put-in-Bay Restaurants

Still not sure where to go first? Let us guide you through the best Put-in-Bay restaurants and bars!

Picture this: you’ve just hopped off the Jet Express or zipped over in a Put-in-Bay golf cart (how cool is that?), and you’re ready to explore. Put-In-Bay is perfect for this. Here, delicious meals are just a short stroll or a breezy ride away. And hey, if the weather turns gloomy, a warm and dry taxi is your knight in shining armor to get you back to your Put-in-Bay Hotel!

Put-in-Bay bars and restaurants for you to choose!

Start your day with a delightful crepe and mimosa at The Old Forge. Their outdoor setting? Absolutely charming. Then, amble towards downtown for a chilled beer at Put-In-Bay Brewery and Distillery. Oh, and Hooligans Irish Pub’s famous lobster bisque is the stuff of legends.

As you wander, The Boardwalk Put-in-Bay appears with its array of choices – nachos, hot dogs, burgers, burritos, and the sound of laughter and music in the air. And let’s not forget Mossbacks for a Walleye Bites treat, or Topsy Turvey for a heartwarming Brandy Alexander and a Cuban Sandwich.

More Than Just A Meal

Each stop on this island is a story waiting to unfold. The Boathouse Bar for a lively margarita, Village Bakery for morning-fresh pastries, and don’t miss the ice cream at Put-in-Bay Candy Bar. For a unique lunch, check out the Chicken Patio or Pasquale’s Café – their Italian fare is a must-try. Dairy Isle is your go-to for ice cream dreams.

Beyond the Beaten Path

Looking for something off the downtown radar? Head to The Goat Soup and Whiskey for their famous Perch Tacos, or Joe’s Bar for exciting lunch specials. Here, every dish is a conversation starter!

Local Flavors, Global Vibes

Put-In-Bay Ohio is special – it’s our very own “Key West of the North,” with a dedication to local, unique dining experiences. The only chain you’ll find here is a Subway, and that’s tucked away in the Commodore Resort.

An Island of Endless Choices

With so much to try, it’s hard to pick just a couple of spots in a short visit. That’s the charm of Put-In-Bay – every restaurant is a doorway to a new experience. Why not extend your stay at a cozy Put-in-Bay hotel or a vacation rental? Or better yet, plan a comeback? There’s always more to taste, more to explore, more to love here at Put-In-Bay.

So, what are you waiting for? There are so many things to do in Put-in-Bay! Pack your bags, hop onto the Miller Ferry, bring your appetite, and dive into the heart of Put-In-Bay. We promise, it’s a journey that’ll stay with you long after the last bite and the final laugh. See you soon at Put-In-Bay!

Frequently Asked Questions about Put-in-Bay Bars and Restaurants

How many bars are in Put-in-Bay Ohio?

With approximately 25 unique bars, Put-in-Bay is a haven for those who love a good time. Many of these bars are conveniently located within walking distance in the renowned downtown area. Don’t miss the Fishbowl and Tippers! For wine enthusiasts, Heineman’s Winery is a must-visit.

Can you make reservations for Put-in-Bay Restaurants?

Wondering about reservations? While The Goat Soup and Whiskey and Upper Deck welcome reservations for large groups, most Put-in-Bay restaurants operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. This includes favorites in the bustling downtown area. It’s a good idea to plan ahead, especially for weekend evenings.

Where can I get seafood on Put-in-Bay?

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Put-in-Bay is home to top-rated seafood restaurants. The Boardwalk, The Keys, The Upper Deck, The Boathouse Bar & Grille, and Mossbacks are among the favorites according to guest reviews. But that’s just the start – many bars and restaurants across the island serve a variety of seafood dishes.

Where can I see live entertainment at Put-in-Bay?

Put-in-Bay is a hub for live entertainment. Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille, the Roundhouse Bar, and The Boathouse Bar & Grille are popular for their vibrant music and performances. Mojito Bay and Reel Bar are also great options for enjoying local talent. South Bass Island hosts live concerts throughout the summer, adding to the island’s festive atmosphere.

What are the best Put-in-Bay restaurants?

Some of the top-rated restaurants according to TripAdvisor include The Forge, Goat Soup and Whiskey, Pasquales Cafe, Topsy Turvey’s, Hooligans, The Keys, Reel Bar, Upper Deck Restaurant, Mossbacks, and The Boardwalk. But the culinary exploration doesn’t stop there; the island is full of diverse and exceptional dining experiences.

Can you walk around Put-in-Bay with alcohol?

While open containers of alcohol are not permitted on the streets or in golf carts at Put-in-Bay, many Put-in-Bay restaurants offer delightful outdoor seating where you can enjoy a drink. The island bars, particularly around DeRivera Park, are perfect for drinking a margarita or a refreshing mojito.

Which Put-in-Bay restaurants are pet-friendly?

At Put-in-Bay, several restaurants welcome pets, especially in their outdoor dining areas. The island’s laid-back, tourist-friendly atmosphere makes it a great place for pet owners to bring their furry friends along. However, pet policies can vary by establishment and may change, so it’s always best to check with the restaurant directly before you visit with your pet.

Are there any restaurants outside the downtown area?

Put-in-Bay’s charm extends beyond its downtown area. Discover hidden gems like The Goat Soup and Whiskey, known for their Lake Erie Perch Tacos, and Joe’s Bar, with its expanded menu and daily lunch specials. From the state park to Perry’s Monument, the island is filled with delightful surprises waiting to be explored.

When do most bars and restaurants open?

The opening hours of bars and restaurants in Put-in-Bay generally vary depending on the season, the day of the week, and the specific establishment. It’s always best to check with the restaurant directly before you visit.

Are Put-in-Bay restaurants open late?

The operating hours of restaurants at Put-in-Bay can vary, and some do stay open late, especially during the peak tourist season in the summer months.