Things To Do In Put In Bay

Things To Do In Put-in-Bay Ohio On Your Getaway

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at Put-in-Bay, Ohio’s island of fun for all ages! Whether you’re planning a lively family vacation, a serene retreat/getaway, an epic bachelor or bachelorette party, or a chill hangout with friends, Put-in-Bay is your go-to destination. Placed in the wavey waters of Lake Erie, this lively island promises endless excitement and relaxation for every visitor. Kids and families can dive into exciting attractions, while others can soak up the peaceful beauty and historical charm. Partygoers will also dive into the island’s dynamic nightlife, ideal for those unforgettable celebrations. Easily accessible via the Miller Ferry or Jet Express from Port Clinton; Put-in-Bay, is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Join the fun and make lifelong memories here on the island, where every moment is an invitation to enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t just read about it – come, pack your things, and experience the joy and wonder of Put-in-Bay, the ultimate destination for an unforgettable escape!

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot
Golf Cart Rental Put in Bay Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot provides a full range of golf cart options. With their location right in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay, this rental service company will get you carted up in no time! Definitely the best way to get to any location on South Bass Island. Reservations are accepted both online and on the phone. A Put-in-Bay tradition, golf carts are highly coveted so make sure to book yours today! Put in Bay Golf Cart Depot Details They start accepting rentals at the beginning of April through mid-October. Options range from two, four,...More Information
Put-in-Bay Summer Entertainers
Bob Gatewood Bob Gatewood & the Calabash Band Put-in-Bay’s own Bob Gatewood entertains island crowds over 100 times a summer, either on his own usually at the Fishbowl or with his long-time band Calabash playing either the Round House Bar or Beer Barrel Saloon. He is a fantastic guitar player, plays awesome Cinco de Mayo songs, has been dubbed a “local legend” by the Plain Dealer, and a few years back the mayor of Put-in-Bay declared a day in his honor with his song becoming the township’s official theme song. You can hear his music and download it at Information
Put in Bay Beaches
Put in Bay Beaches are a great place to cool off in Lake Erie.  There are two main beaches on South Bass Island for the Public to swim and enjoy.  First, near Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, there is a beach at the end of Delaware Ave.  Secondly, there is a larger Put-In-Bay Beach at South Bass Island State Park. Both have a small pebble shoreline as the island is made predominantly of dolomite rock. Put in Bay Beaches | Downtown Beach near Perry’s Monument   With great views of the monument and proximity to downtown Put-In-Bay, this beach...More Information
Put-in-Bay Winery
Put-in-Bay Winery offers visitors a delicious selection of wine, historical tours of their property, and gorgeous lakeside views. Located at the Doller House Estate on Bayview Avenue close to the Jet Express terminal, a visit to the Put-in-Bay Winery is a must for both wine lovers and history buffs alike. Put-in-Bay Winery Details The Put-in-Bay Winery creates its own wine from the rich soil on the island. They follow the process of winemaking from the grape seed being planted to the bottling process, and eventually to either the wine tasting room or souvenir shop that allows you to take their...More Information
South Bass Island Lighthouse
The South Bass Island Lighthouse greets visitors arriving on the southern point of the island from the Put in Bay ferry. First lit in 1897, this important part of Put-in-Bay’s history is much the same as it was when it was first built. One of the many things to do in Put in Bay includes touring the lighthouse. However, with its location on the very southern tip of the island, there are not many other Put in Bay attractions close by. If you plan on touring the lighthouse, a golf cart is a good way to get there. After your...More Information

When Does Put-In-Bay Open and Close?

Put-in-Bay, located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie, Ohio, typically opens for the tourist season in April and closes in late October. The season begins as the ferry services, like Miller Ferry and Jet Express, start their regular schedules to the island, usually in early to mid-April.

The island remains a popular destination throughout the spring, summer, and early fall, with peak tourist activity during the summer months. As the weather begins to cool in late October and ferry services reduce their schedules, the island’s tourist season winds down. However, it’s important to note that some businesses and attractions on Put-in-Bay may have their own specific opening and closing dates within this general timeframe, and some stay open year-round to cater to the smaller winter population and off-season visitors. It’s always a good idea to check the operating hours and schedules of specific attractions, accommodations, and ferry services before planning a visit.

Put-in-Bay Things to Do: Are There Attractions for All Ages?

Get your bags ready to go on an unforgettable trip to Put-in-Bay, Ohio, the ultimate Lake Erie Island destination that has everyone’s desires. Whether you’re planning the perfect family vacation, a romantic couple’s getaway, or an exhilarating weekend with friends, Put-in-Bay has it all. Known as South Bass Island as well, this vibrant getaway spot, located just 80 miles from Cleveland, 20 miles from Sandusky, and a quick 10-minute trip from Catawba, is not something you want to miss At Put-in-Bay, every moment is an opportunity for enjoyment and discovery.

Things to Do at Put-in-Bay: An Experience for All

Enjoy a wide variety of activities that cater to all age groups, making sure everyone has fun! Lounge by the pool at one of the many hotels and resorts, each having their own unique atmosphere. For those who love nature and the beautiful outdoors, the nature preserves are the perfect peaceful escape. If a night of excitement is what you seek, the downtown Put-In-Bay area is filled with life, offering multiple different choices of dining and live music/entertainment options.

From peaceful moments in nature, to lively fun-filled evenings downtown, Put-in-Bay has a variety of attractions and activities. So, pack your bags and make your way to Put-in-Bay Island. Don’t miss the chance to see why Put-in-Bay is not just a place to visit, but a world of its own to make unforgettable memories.

How Do You Get Around the Island?

Exploring Put-In-Bay Island is an adventure in itself, with a variety of different transportation options to fit everyone’s preference. Golf carts are the most popular and stylish way to navigate around the island, allowing you to enjoy the views at your own pace. Renting a golf cart at Put-in-Bay offers the perfect blend of convenience and fun. Another popular way around is if you’re planning to visit multiple destinations and want a hassle-free journey, use the Island Club Taxi service (link). This efficient and effective option costs just $4 per person, offering door-to-door service to any location on the island.

For those who prefer a more guided experience, the Put-in-Bay tour train is also an excellent choice. This open-air train not only transports you around the island but also provides an informative tour, sharing fascinating details about various attractions, including stops like Heineman’s Winery. Whether you’re zipping around in a golf cart, relaxing in a taxi, or hopping on the tour train, transportation will always be available on Put-In-Bay Island.

Is Put-in-Bay a Romantic Getaway?

Absolutely! Put-In-Bay is an ideal destination for couples seeking a blend of adventure, relaxation, fun, and romance. Begin your journey at the Antique Car Museum, where nostalgia creates the perfect scene. For the adventurous duo, kayaking and jet skiing along the waters of Lake Erie offers both calmness and excitement. Take a relaxing walk-through South Bass Island State Park, where nature’s beauty sets the tone just right. Fly high with Put-in-Bay Parasailing, offering a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the island’s waters – an unforgettable moment to share. For a truly remarkable view, get on a helicopter tour at Put-in-Bay Airport and fly together over the scenic vistas.

Don’t miss the views from the observation deck of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, arguably the best on the island. Finish up your day with a stunning sunset at South Bass Island State Park, a memory you will want to cherish forever. Treat yourself to creamy ice cream at The Candy Bar, then complete it with a carousel ride, or even go taste the legendary Lobster Bisque at The Boardwalk. With multiple different dining options, you’re sure to find the perfect setting to fit your tastes. Put-in-Bay isn’t just a destination; it’s a romantic journey waiting to be discovered. Book your getaway now and surround yourselves with the heartwarming charm of Put-in-Bay – where every moment becomes a treasured memory.


Does Put-in-Bay Host Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties?

Looking for the perfect destination for your bachelor or bachelorette party? Put-in-Bay is your answer! This energetic island offers an unmatched mix of excitement and entertainment, ideal for an unforgettable celebration with your friends. From water sports and lively bars to scenic tours and lively nightlife, Put-in-Bay has everything you need to make your party a hit.

Dive into a variety of activities that cater to every interest in your group. Enjoy jet skiing or parasailing for an adrenaline rush or take a Put-in-Bay golf cart tour around the island for some laid-back fun. The nightlife at Put-in-Bay is second to none – dance the night away at popular bars and clubs, offering live music and a fantastic atmosphere.

Put-in-Bay isn’t just a location; it’s the ultimate party experience. Gather your friends and head to the Bay where unforgettable moments await. Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime – your epic bachelor or bachelorette party at Put-in-Bay is just a booking away!

Things to Do at Put-in-Bay: The Family-Friendly Attractions

Put-in-Bay is a hidden gem of family-friendly adventures! Whether you’re looking for thrilling activities or educational fun, this island has it all. Challenge each other at the War of 1812s miniature golf course, climb on the rock wall, or uncover sparkly treasures with gemstone mining at Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center. Don’t miss the chance to explore Perry’s Cave itself and learn about its role in the Battle of Lake Erie.

For more excitement, Adventure Bay Family Fun Center is the place to be! Play arcade games, enjoy virtual bowling, and even zoom across the tracks in Go-Kart Racing. Discover the hidden caves or zip across the water on jet skis for an unforgettable day. And yes, Put-in-Bay is a paradise for kids too! Delight their taste buds at the Chocolate Museum and step into the beautiful world of the Butterfly House, a truly magical experience located in Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center, which is packed with kid-friendly attractions.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Indulge in delicious dining options at the island’s top-rated restaurants, and taverns, perfect for topping up the day after all the adventures. And what kid can resist a visit to the downtown candy store, filled with all the sweets you can think of? Put-in-Bay isn’t just a vacation destination; it’s a playground for families looking to make lasting memories too.

Are There Attractions for History Lovers and Adventure Seekers?

Uncover History and Adventure at Every Corner in Put-in-Bay! Put-in-Bay is a haven for history buffs and thrill-seekers alike! If you’re looking for a blend of historical interest and heart-pounding adventure, this island is your perfect escape. Tee off with a relaxing round of golf, or step back in time at our National Park, Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial. Discover the history at the South Bass Island Lighthouse or explore aquatic wonders at the Aquatic Visitors Center.

Wondering about free activities? Absolutely! Take a blast to the past at Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum, where the rich history of Put-in-Bay and the Erie Islands comes alive – a must-visit for every history lover.

For those craving action, water sports are a major highlight. Take on the island life with paddle-boarding, powerboating, jet skiing, parasailing and more from Put-In-Bay Watercraft Rentals. Imagine kayaking across the bay, a perfect way to experience the beauty of Lake Erie. For a unique adventure, join guided boat tours exploring the surrounding islands, or schedule a visit to Gibraltar Island, home to the oldest freshwater field station in the United States, operated by The Ohio State University.

Don’t miss the inspiring geodes at Crystal Cave either, a geological wonder. From the busy downtown Put-in-Bay area to the island’s peaceful outskirts, there’s always an exciting activity to engage in. Whether you’re a history lover or an adventure seeker, Put-in-Bay promises an unforgettable experience with endless opportunities for discovery and excitement.

What are the best Put-in-Bay Hotels and Lodging?

Prepare for an adventure-filled trip to Put-in-Bay, an island packed with endless attractions and activities! Whether it’s challenging your friends at mini-golf, relaxing in the DeRivera Park, or taking in the stunning views from Perry’s Monument, this island promises non-stop fun. With more than enough events every weekend in the summer, there’s something that interests everyone. Plus, getting around is easy and fun with convenient golf cart rentals or quick Put-in-Bay taxi rides.

When planning your visit, consider the Waterfront Condos for a luxurious lakeside stay. These condos offer breathtaking views of Lake Erie, placing you right in the heart of island beauty and excitement.

For a unique experience, the Island Club Rental Houses offer a wonderful escape, perfect for those seeking a little bit more quietness from the downtown area. Alternatively, The Commodore Resort and The Bird’s Nest bring together comfort and convenience, ensuring a memorable stay with all the amenities you need as well.

Don’t forget about the other fantastic Put-in-Bay hotels and rentals that cater to every taste and need, ensuring your stay is just as you imagined.
These popular accommodations are in high demand, so it’s wise to book early! Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly spot, a romantic getaway, Bachelor/ Bachelorette weekend, or a fun group vacation, Put-in-Bay’s lodging options have something for everyone. From the cozy vibe of the Put In Bay Condos, Island Club Rentals & The Birds Nest to the lively atmosphere of The Commodore Resort, your ideal island accommodation awaits.

Ready to secure your perfect spot? Check availability now and step into the world of Put-in-Bay, where every stay is an opportunity for new discoveries and memories.

What street are bars on in Put-in-Bay?

Engage yourself in the lively atmosphere of downtown Put-in-Bay, where Delaware Ave is the heart and soul of the island’s nightlife. This busy street is a paradise for those looking to experience the best of Put-in-Bay’s bar scene. While you’ll find some bars scattered around South Bass Island, the true core of Put-in-Bay’s nightlife is along Delaware Ave, especially around DeRivera Park.

Delaware Ave is home to many popular bars, each offering its own unique vibe and experience. The best hotspots include the iconic Fishbowl, famous for its lively environment and unique drinks, and the Frosty Bar, a favorite for its refreshing frosty mugs and casual setting. Mr. Ed’s Bar & Grille is another must-visit, known for its entertainment and delicious pub fare. These are just a few among the many bustling bars that line this energetic street.

One of the best features of Delaware Ave is the convenience it offers. All these bars are within easy walking distance of each other, making bar-hopping a breeze. This proximity allows you to explore a variety of atmospheres, from laid-back patios and live music venues to energetic dance floors and cozy taverns, all in one night.

Delaware Ave isn’t just a location; it’s an experience. Whether you’re looking to mingle with locals, enjoy live music, or simply soak in the lively island atmosphere, this street is the place to be. Each bar offers a unique glimpse into the spirited nightlife of Put-in-Bay, making it an unforgettable part of any visit to the island. Delaware Ave awaits you with open arms and a promise of unforgettable nights!

Can you rent a house at Put-In-Bay?

Discover the perfect vacation rental for any duration of time on South Bass Island, Put-in-Bay. Whether you’re looking for a cozy hotel, a spacious condo, or a charming house, Put-in-Bay offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit your needs. Experience the convenience and excitement of staying in one of the many Put-in-Bay hotels located in downtown Put-in-Bay, Ohio, where you’re just a short walk away from some of the island’s best bars and attractions.

For those seeking a more scenic view, consider renting a Put-in-Bay condo with breathtaking views of Lake Erie. Imagine waking up to the peaceful beauty of the lakefront, especially at the Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos, where the view is simply unmatched. Book your stay now and enjoy the ultimate Put-in-Bay experience, from the heart of downtown to the peaceful lakeside.


The Battle of Lake Erie began at 11:45 a.m. and ended a few minutes after 3:00 p.m. British supremacy on the lake came to an end with the capture of the entire enemy fleet of six vessels.