Tour Train

Tour Train

The Put-in-Bay Tour Train is one of the best ways to tour and learn about the island and it is located close to where visitors get off of the Put in Bay ferry. This brightly colored train chugs all over the island. The open-air trolley allows for lovely lake breezes flowing through. The knowledgeable tour guide shares fascinating Put-in-Bay history throughout the tour that you simply can’t get with just a Put in Bay golf cart rental.

Put-in-Bay may be a very small island, but it is packed to the brim with all sorts of attractions, and some incredible history. It can be a little overwhelming for first-timers, which makes the Tour Train a great way to spend a little time. These people know everything about the island and will make sure you leave the tour armed with not only knowledge of the history, but all the best spots to hit for the remainder of your stay.

Boarding the Put-in-Bay Tour Train

Purchase tickets at the Downtown Bus Terminal located at the corner of Delaware and Toledo Avenues. Passengers then board the yellow open air trolly pulled along by a Jeep. Along the way, riders learn about this history of Put-in-Bay. The tour guide points out interesting attractions along the way.

Scheduled Stops

Tour train riders get a chance to hop out of the train and see some of the Put in Bay attractions that visitors love, including:

These sites are all important parts of the Put-in-Bays story. At Perry’s Cave, riders will learn about Commodore Perry’s quest to keep his troops healthy during the Battle of Lake Erie. He discovered an underground lake in the cave full of pure water. This quenches the troops’ thirst.

Heinemans is Put-in-Bay’s oldest winery. It was able to survive Prohibition due to the Crystal Cave. This cave contains the world’s largest geode. Visitors can tour the cave and the winery. The Gift Shops sells delicious wine, the only wine still made on the island!

Commodore Perry used Put-in-Bay as his harbor when fighting the British in the War of 1812. This monument, a 352-foot column, celebrates everlasting peace between nations.

The ecology of Put-in-Bay and Lake Erie is diverse and fascinating. Learn all about it at the Wildlife Area.

The Put-in-Bay Tour Train is a leisurely activity the can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. It is a great way to learn some new things about the island, for first-timers to old friends of Put-in-Bay alike. Make sure to book your lodging early at a put in the bay resort, condo, or rental because weekends fill up fast in the summer!