South Bass Island is only 3.5 miles long but it is the most popular among the group of Lake Erie Islands because of Put-in-Bay. Getting around the island is easy by taxi! The quaint little village makes both a great day trip or an awesome weekend getaway destination. Many people vacation longer and stay on the island in an upscale Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condo or a comfortable rental home. The physical area of Put-in-Bay is small, so you are always near restaurants and attractions. The attractions are what make Put-in-Bay unique and we have many to visit.

Island Club Taxi

Island Club Taxi

Island Favorite

Island Club Taxi – Call 419-285-5466 Put in Bay Taxi service is best with The Island Club Taxi.  They are the preferred transportation provider on Put-in-Bay. Their fleet is comprised on 15 passenger vans adorned with their famous Island Club logo. So, look for the palm trees and orange lettering and you are good to go. The drivers are helpful in choosing the right Put-in-Bay Restaurant and for general island information.  So, step in and enjoy a smooth and fast ride to your destination with Island Club Taxi Service. Island Club Taxi Specialities The Island Club understands the unique needs...More Information
Tony’s Taxi

Tony’s Taxi

Editors Choice!

Tony’s Taxi – Call (419) 285-5438 Tony’s Taxi provides transportation to those trying to get to and from various locations on the island. Whether you are coming in from the ferries, headed to downtown from your home rental, or trying out on the island’s restaurants, we has you covered! Tony’s Taxi also has access to the Put-in-Bay Condos and the Island Club. Riding a taxi on Put-in-Bay is a part of the island’s experience. Once inside the taxi, ask your driver to play your favorite song, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! The taxis are easily noticed for their...More Information
Put-in-Bay Condos Taxi

Put-in-Bay Condos Taxi

Editors Choice!

Put-in-Bay Condos Taxi – 419-285-2227 Our taxis provides great transportation for guests at the Put-in-Bay Condos, Island Club and visitors all over the island. For just $3 per person, a taxi will pick you up and take you wherever you need to go on Put-in-Bay. As a result, the condo taxi are among the most reliable on Put-in-Bay. The taxis are the only vans allowed inside the Island Club and the condos. As a result,  guests staying at either location should look for one of our taxis in order to get dropped off at their doorstep. Looking for things to...More Information

Put-in-Bay is by far the most visited of the Lake Erie islands, so getting around is crucial. The island draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every summer. Among the reasons why: a bustling downtown, tons of attractions, towering Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, things to do on the water, and scenic South Bass Island State Park.

Put-in-Bay is Great for Walking

Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island’s main town, is only one square mile in size and everything is within easy walking distance. In fact walking is the preferred mode of transportation on the island next to golf carts.

Put-in-Bay is the only city in Ohio with permission by the state to regulate the number and size of certain vehicles allowed to drive on city and state streets. There’s a certain number of taxis allowed and certain vehicles allowed on certain roads. But visitors don’t need a car in Put-in-Bay and don’t need to worry about these things; it’s easy to navigate by foot. The picturesque harbor that Put-in-Bay is named after provides a good excuse to slow down the pace and enjoy the view.

Put-in-Bay Taxi Service

When you arrive on the island many visitors grab a courtesy shuttle while others pick up a Put in Bay golf cart rental for getting around. Be sure to ask when you make reservations to get the taxi phone number and save it on your cell phone. Taxi service is available to all locations on Put-in-Bay provided by Island Club Taxi, and cabs meet each arriving boat. Call 419-285-5466 whenever you need a ride!

Put-in-Bay Taxis will meet all of your transportation needs. While we aren’t running year round due to the island not having visitors in the winter, in summertime, when Put-in-Bay Ohio transforms into a vacationers paradise, we’ve got all the taxis needed to get everyone where they need to go. If you’ve got a large group don’t worry, our bubble top passenger vans get people from the Put-in-Bay ferry boat to downtown Put-in-Bay, to your personal Put-in-Bay lodging, and everywhere in between. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Miller Ferry or the Jet Express, the Island Club or the Put-in-Bay Condos, we’ll get you where you need to go!

To enjoy the Put in Bay attractions around the town, do what the locals do and drive a golf cart. Golf cart rentals are abundant all over the island and you can easily explore the slightly hilly terrain around South Bass Island in a couple hours or so. Reserve your Golf Cart Depot rental in advance by calling 419-779-5147!

Transportation Options

You can also rent a bicycle or moped to go exploring or take a sightseeing tour in the comfortable open-air tour train. If you want to venture beyond Put-in-Bay, ferry service is also available from the island to Middle Bass, Kelleys Island, and even Cedar Point in the summer!

Outdoor enthusiasts are welcome to explore South Bass Island on foot. Hiking and biking are popular daytime activities.  Island maps are available at the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce office downtown.

There is so much to do on the island that you may not be able to get to experience it all in one day. In that case you can spend the night at one of our lodging options like the Put in Bay hotels, condos, or house rentals.

Here are some of the questions we get most often about Put-in-Bay taxis:

Does Put-in-Bay have a taxi service?

Yes! Not only does Put-in-Bay have a taxi service, it’s one of the most fun parts of a Put-in-Bay getaway. Whether you are staying at a Put-in-Bay Resort in the downtown area or a quiet Island Club Home Rentals, we are the best put in bay taxi to get you service. Put-in-Bay taxi rides are famous for their high energy drivers, infectious tunes blasted over the amazing sound system, and a fun party vibe on your way to your destination!

How much does a Put-in-Bay Taxi cost?

The cost of a ride in a Put-in-Bay taxi varies by company, but none end up being more than $4 per person per ride to visit anywhere on the entire South Bass Island. Most are $3. If you are looking for a cost effective option to transport a large business group, family reunions, or bachelorette parties… then we recommend Island Club taxis as they are always just $3 a person. Bring cash, as most don’t accept credit cards.

Does Put-in-Bay have Uber or Lyft?

There are no rideshare services on the island at this time, Put-in-Bay taxi companies are the only on-demand transportation option. With friendly taxi drivers and clean modern late model taxi vans, you can imagine they are just bigger Ubers! We even pick up from the Put-in-Bay airport!

What hours do the Put-in-Bay taxis run?

You can get a Put-in-Bay taxi 24 hours a day during the season, often with almost no wait! So when the Delaware Ave bars close down, and the pizza lights turn off, call us! We service the whole put-in-bay island, all day, every day.

How many people can get in a Put-in-Bay taxi?

The vast majority of Put-in-Bay’s taxis are vans, chosen specifically to move a lot of people around, so you can expect to fit around a dozen people in your taxi! And if you need more, don’t worry, another taxi is never too far behind!

Can I Google the island for directions?

Yes! We are located very close to Cleveland (1 hour), Catawba Island, Port Clinton, Detroit (2 hours), and even Canada (by car or boating). Use the following: Put-in-Bay, OH 43456