Miller Ferry and Jet Express are running their 2023 schedules now. You can find them below.

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Put-in-Bay Ferry Service

Put in Bay Ferries are the main mode of transportation to get visitors to and from the island. The ferry service runs from early spring to late fall and ceases operations during the winter months when Lake Erie freezes over.  Both the Jet Express and Miller Ferry provide passenger transportation to and from Put-in-Bay, Ohio. These two are the main ferry transportation providers for Put-in-Bay.

Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry Transportation The Miller Ferry Company offers ferry services to both South Bass Island and Middle Bass Island with the lowest fares. Passengers enjoy scenic views on the way to their desired destination. Both Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island offer nature trails, restaurants, wineries and more.  However, if you had to pick between the two, Put-in-Bay would win every time when it comes to places to see and fun attractions to take part in. Both ferries leave from the tip of Catawba Island at the end of route 53. The ride to Put-in-Bay takes 18 minutes. Meanwhile, the ride to Middle Bass Island is roughly 40 minutes long. Check the Miller Ferry schedule on their website when coordinating your trip to the Lake Erie Islands. Once on their website, you...

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Jet Express

Jet Express

The Jet Express Ferries to Put-in-Bay Get more bang for your vacation dollar when you ride the Jet-Express from Sandusky Ohio or Port Clinton Ohio. With every paid ticket, passengers receive a value packed coupon sheet with savings at many of Put-in-Bay’s favorite destinations. Discounts include Put in Bay golf cart rentals, water sports, mopeds, Kids eat free in many restaurants, discounts on Put in Bay attractions and much much more all over the island! As a result, there are many ways to save money by choosing the Jet Express. Be sure to request your money saving coupons when you purchase...

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Sonny S Ferry

Sonny S Ferry

The Sonny S Ferry services passengers wishing to travel between South Bass Island and Middle Bass Island. Put-in-Bay begins to get more and more crowded with tourists during peak season. This allows for a short trip to Middle Bass Island. Middle Bass Island attractions include a few nature trails, lonz’s winery, the marina and golf cart rentals to explore the island. For people staying on Middle Bass Island, the Sonny S Ferry offers a quick and easy trip to Put-in-Bay. Put-in-Bay, also known as South Bass Island has a lot to offer in terms of things to do.  The downtown...

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Miller Ferry Put-in-Bay

The Miller Ferry is the only transportation partner of South Bass Island, Ohio that has the capacity for both passengers and vehicles. Leaving from Catawba Island, Ohio, this ferry service arrives and the southwestern end of the island in roughly 18 minutes. After loading and unloading the boat, the total trip could take around 25 minutes. The Miller Ferry can accommodate vehicles for a fare of $18 each way. Bringing your vehicle to Put-in-Bay is not recommended as there are an abundance of golf cart rentals on the island. Besides, parking at the mainland Miller Ferry dock is safe and free!  Check out the full schedule of the Miller Ferry.

Jet Express

The Jet Express is a high speed ferry that leaves from downtown Port Clinton, Ohio. Ferry trips on the Jet Express take around 25 minutes by sailing at 40 miles per hour. Add a few extra minutes for loading and unloading to make the total trip time a little over 30 minutes. Be sure to relax and enjoy the ride! Parking at the Jet Express lot will cost guests $12 a day with a maximum of $36 for longer stays. The ferry conveniently arrives to Put-in-Bay’s downtown area. In addition, the Jet Express offers late hours of operation during busy summer nights. Access the schedule of the Jet Express as ferry times are subject to change.

Put-In-Bay Ferries Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Put in Bay?

The most common way to get to the island is by one of two Ferry Boats, the Miller Ferry or Jet Express.  Both operate and serve South Bass Island, where the village of Put-In-Bay is located. The Miller Ferry leaves from Catawba with the boat ride taking about 18 minutes and is the only ferry that has the capacity for vehicles. The Jet Express leaves from downtown Port Clinton, Ohio, and is only for passenger service and bicycles. The boat travels at 40 miles per hour and arrives in the downtown Put-in-Bay harbor in roughly 25 minutes.

How do I get to my Put-In-Bay Hotel from the Ferry?

Call Island Club Taxi at 419-285-5466 for great service. The Island Club taxis, along with the Put-in-Bay Condos taxi, are the only taxi providers allowed into the Island Club and Put-in-Bay Condos. When you get off either ferry one will be waiting for you as you get off the dock and can bring you to your Put-in-Bay lodging. The drivers are fun, personable, and are willing to help answer any questions you may have about the island, including recommending some of the best Put-in-Bay attractions. Whether this is your first time visiting the island or you are one of the many annual visitors, the taxi drivers will make your experience memorable and fun!

How do you get from Port Clinton to Put in Bay?

If you are in Port Clinton and wish to visit Put-in-Bay, you can choose between the Jet Express or the Miller Ferry. The Jet Express departs from the downtown Port Clinton area. The address is  3 Monroe Street in Port Clinton, OH. Ferries run May through October each year.

The Miller Ferry’s address is technically in Port Clinton. However, the dock is located on the northern tip of Catawba Island. The Miller Ferry departs from 5174 Water Street in Port Clinton, Ohio, and runs for most of the year, weather dependent. The Miller Ferry is the only option for visitors wishing to bring their car over.

Is there a Ferry to Put-In-Bay from Sandusky?

The Jet Express operates from 101 W Shoreline Dr. Sandusky, Ohio with service to Put-In-Bay, Ohio.  This Passenger Ferry runs from May through September with service to Cedar Point, Kelleys Island, and Put-In-Bay.  Late-night service is available. Head to the Jet Express website for more details on departure times and ticket prices.

What time does Put-In-Bay Open?

Put-In-Bay is always open!  The Wonderful village of Put-In-Bay and the rest of South Bass Island, Ohio 43456 is eager for visitors to experience the island history, lifestyle, and vibe any time of the year. However, the most visited times are the summer months of June, July, and August. The ferries stop running shortly after Halloween as Lake Erie will begin to freeze over. Lastly, the island is inhabited by only a few hundred people during the winter months.

What is the closest lodging to the ferries?

The brand new Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos are the closest lodging to the ferry. They are also rated highest in terms of accommodations by Put-in-Bay visitors. Call 216-898-9951 for more information about Put-in-Bay’s luxurious waterfront lodging. You can also call and ask about the Island Club Home Rentals which are also very close to the Miller Ferry dock. Another convenient travel option is the availability of golf cart rental right inside the Island Club and the Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condo complexes.

Do the Miller Ferry and the Jet Express boat lines travel to the other Lake Erie Islands?

Yes, the Miller Ferry and the Jet Express to Middle Bass Island. In addition, the Jet Express also travels to Kelley’s Island. It does not go to Cleveland, yet. Neither the Miller Boat Line or the Jet Express Ferry. Both do travel from Port Clinton Ohio and Sandusky Ohio in the United States.