Being an island which stretches only 3.5 miles, Put-in-Bay, also known as South Bass Island, is a little slice of paradise. It’s the perfect spot for a quick day trip or a relaxing weekend getaway. Why not stay a bit longer? You can enjoy a luxurious waterfront condo, a cozy rental home, a Put-in-bay hotel room, all within a stone’s throw of the island’s best restaurants and attractions. This place is packed with numerous unique attractions, each adding its own flavor to the Put-in-Bay experience. So, come explore and create some amazing memories with us on one of the best Lake Erie Islands, Put-in-Bay – a small place with a big heart!

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental
Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental at the PIB  Depot provides golf cart rentals by the hour or day on the island.  The location is right in the heart of downtown Put-In-Bay.  More importantly, this rental company will get you on your way quickly. Golf Cart Rentals on Put in Bay are the best way to get around South Bass Island. Reservations are accepted both online and on the phone. The Put in Bay Golf Cart Rentals often sellout early in the day.  RESERVE YOURS to ensure you’re not left out! Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental at the Depot  Put in Bay Golf...More Information
Put in Bay Tunnel
Put in Bay Tunnel is a fun and imaginary way to get to the island.  It was concocted as an April Fool’s Joke that has gained some resonance over time.  The idea of going in a tunnel under Lake Erie to a quirky island village like PIB is something that you almost want to believe!  A crazy rock where people have fun at Swim Up Bars and take Taxi Rides with guys named Coconut Every year there is always great fake stories and such about Put in Bay and the Lake Erie Islands.  The local newspaper even has a several...More Information
Island Club Taxi
Put in Bay Taxi service is best with The Island Club Taxi.  They are the preferred transportation provider on Put-in-Bay. Their fleet is comprised on 15 passenger vans adorned with their famous Island Club logo. So, look for the palm trees and orange lettering and you are good to go. The drivers are helpful in choosing the right Put-in-Bay Restaurant and for general island information.  So, step in and enjoy a smooth and fast ride to your destination with Island Club Taxi Service. Island Club Taxi Specialities The Island Club understands the unique needs to Put-in-Bay visitors and locals alike....More Information
Island Club Golf Carts
A Put in Bay golf cart rental is the primary choice of transportation at Put-in-Bay Ohio. The unofficial estimate for number of golf carts on the island is over 800. There are many sizes to choose from depending on your transportation needs. Island Club Golf Carts offers 4- and 6- person carts. They also offer a special rate when you reserve your cart online here through their website. So save some money and BOOK A GOLF CART ONLINE! Proudly serving ONLY Put-in-Bay Island Club Rentals guests and Put-in-Bay Condos guests with a confirmed home or condo reservation! Benefits of renting...More Information
Put-in-Bay Airport
Located on the southern end of South Bass Island, the Put-in-Bay Airport is open year round and available for public usage. With modern facilities and two runways, the airport accepts small planes from the mainland and surrounding islands. It also offers tours on biplanes and helicopters. Put-in-Bay Airport Details The Put-in-Bay Airport accepts arrivals and departures from dawn to dusk. The runways are in excellent condition but unlit. There are no departures allowed after dusk. Using one of the charter services, such as Griffing Airline or Island Air Taxi is a fun and exciting alternative to traveling to the island...More Information

Welcome to Put-in-Bay: Your Island Adventure Begins Here

Imagine a place where every turn leads to a new adventure, where the charm of a small town meets the thrill of an island getaway – that’s Put-in-Bay for you. There are so many things to do in Put-in-Bay, to get it all in during your trip, you need to cut down on your travel time. That’s where a golf cart comes in!

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts: The Island’s Favorite Ride

Picture yourself cruising along the streets of Put-in-Bay in a golf cart. It’s not just transportation; it’s an experience! The island is filled with spots like Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot and Island Club Golf Carts, where you can pick up your own cart. Whether it’s for a romantic ride for two or a fun excursion with friends, a Put-in-Bay golf cart is perfect for the island vibes. Just remember, they’re real vehicles, so safety first!

Where To Rent A Put-in-Bay Golf Cart:

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot: Located at 489 Catawba Ave next to Victory Station, one of our favorite Put-in-Bay hotels, and just a call away at 419-800-2278.

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Center: 272 Delaware Ave, phone number 419-500-2278

Island Club Golf Cart Rentals: Find them at 1627 Starboard Trail, for guests of the Island Club only.

Put-in-Bay Condos Golf Carts: Located at 1258 Tri-Motor Dr, for visitors staying at the Put-in-Bay Waterfront and Poolview Condos.

The Joy Of Walking Around Put-in-Bay

There’s something magical about walking through South Bass Island. It’s a place where a walk can lead to small shops, cozy Put-in-Bay restaurants, or stunning views of the harbor in downtown Put-in-Bay area. Every corner holds a story, every path an invitation to explore.

Put-in-Bay Taxis: Your Friendly Island Chauffeurs

And if you ever need a lift, the Put-in-Bay taxi services are always a call away to accomodate your transportation needs. Dial up a local taxi like 419-285-5466 (Island Club Taxi) , and you’ll soon be chatting with a friendly taxi driver who knows the island like no one else.

Hiking and Biking At Put-in-Bay

Embrace the great outdoors by hiking or biking around South Bass Island. Your Put-in-Bay days are sure to be filled with joy and wonder.

Choose Your Own Put-in-Bay Adventure

Whether you’re using a taxi service, cruising on a golf cart, biking down a scenic trail, or observing the island from above through a helicopter ride, every moment at Put-in-Bay is an opportunity for adventure.

As the day winds down, retreat to a cozy corner of the island. Put-in-Bay lodging boasts a range of charming accommodations, from luxurious condos to welcoming Island Club Home Rentals, ensuring your nights are as delightful as your days.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, grab your sense of adventure, and head over to Put-in-Bay. It’s more than a destination; it’s a journey into the heart of joy, relaxation, and discovery. South Bass Island is calling – let your story begin!

Frequently Asked Questions About Put-in-Bay Taxis and Getting Around Put-in-Bay

Does Put-in-Bay have taxi service?

We sure do, and it’s a blast! Jumping into a taxi here is like starting a mini-adventure. With services like Put-in-Bay Condos Taxi and Island Club Taxi, you’re in for a fun ride. Think of friendly drivers, cool music, and a happy vibe that makes every trip special.

How much does a Put-in-Bay Taxi cost?

Worried about taxi costs? No sweat! Taxi rides are super affordable, usually between $4 to $5 per person. And if you’re with a large group of friends or family, it’s even cheaper with Island Club Taxis at $4 each.

Is there Uber or Lyft on the island?

No Uber or Lyft here, but that’s okay. Catching a Put-in-Bay taxi is super easy. They’re always around, ready to pick you up. You can also find phone numbers for taxi companies like Island Club Taxi almost everywhere.

What hours do the Put-in-Bay taxis run?

No matter what time it is, day or night, you can get a Put-in-Bay taxi. They run all the time during the tourist season, so you’re never stuck waiting for a ride.

How many people can get in a Put-in-Bay taxi?

Got a big group? No problem! The Island Club Taxis here are bubble-top big passenger vans, so about 12 people can fit. It’s perfect for big groups like a party or a family trip.

Where do you leave your car when going to Put-in-Bay?

If you’re coming by ferry, there’s parking at both the Jet Express and Miller Ferry docks. Free parking is there, but it can get full on busy days. So, it’s best to come early if you want a free spot. Once you’re on the island, try renting a golf cart at Put-in-Bay through Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals. It’s a fun way to get around.

Can you drink on the streets in Put-in-Bay?

Remember, just like back home, you can’t walk around with a drink in your hand on the streets or drive golf carts with an open drink. Golf carts are like cars here, so you need a driver’s license to drive one, and you have to wear seat belts and follow traffic rules.

How long is the Put-in-Bay ferry ride?

The ferry ride to the island is cool. The Miller Ferry takes about 18 minutes, and the Jet Express takes a bit longer. On the way, you can see beautiful sights like Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, and the hopefully calm waters of Lake Erie!

Can you drive to Put-in-Bay?

Yes, but bringing your car to the island can be a bit of a hassle, especially on busy days. It’s much easier and more fun to rent a golf cart when you get here.

How can you get to Put-in-Bay from Port Clinton?

The most popular way to get to Put-in-Bay from Port Clinton is via the Jet Express Ferry. It’s a high-speed passenger ferry that takes you directly to Put-in-Bay. The journey is about 25 minutes and offers a scenic ride across Lake Erie. The ferry has comfortable seating and provides beautiful views of the lake and islands.

Can you walk around Put-in-Bay?

Yes, you can definitely walk around Put-in-Bay! In fact, walking is one of the best ways to explore the island, especially given its small size and the abundance of sights within close proximity.

Where do you catch the ferry to Put-in-Bay?

To catch a ferry boat to Put-in-Bay, you have two main options, each with their respective departure points: The Jet Express (Departure Point: downtown Port Clinton, Ohio) and The Miller Ferry (Departure Point: Catawba Island, near Port Clinton).

Is there a tunnel to get in Put-in-Bay?

No, there is no tunnel to get to Put-in-Bay. The island, located in Lake Erie, is accessible primarily by ferry boat or by air through Put-in-Bay airport.

What time does the ferry leave for Put-in-Bay?

The ferry schedules to Put-in-Bay can vary based on the season, the day of the week, and the specific Put-in-Bay ferry service you choose to use. There are two primary ferry services that operate routes to Put-in-Bay: the Miller Ferry and the Jet Express. Please visit their websites for more information.