Island Club Taxi

Island Club Taxi

Put in Bay Taxi service is best with The Island Club Taxi.  They are the preferred transportation provider on Put-in-Bay. Their fleet is comprised on 15 passenger vans adorned with their famous Island Club logo. So, look for the palm trees and orange lettering and you are good to go. The drivers are helpful in choosing the right Put-in-Bay Restaurant and for general island information.  So, step in and enjoy a smooth and fast ride to your destination with Island Club Taxi Service.

Island Club Taxi Specialities

The Island Club understands the unique needs to Put-in-Bay visitors and locals alike. They are well-equipped to transport parties for weddings, conventions, school groups, business meetings, family reunions, and tours. Often utilized for weddings, Island Clubs transports the bridal party to and from the reception. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of wedding on the island! They pick up and drop off at the docks as well. Coordinate your arrival time and the friendly van will be waiting for you! The drivers take care of all your luggage to and from the van.

They Can Do it All!

With large groups, simply call them up and they plan all your transportation needs. The drivers are all volunteers, committed to bringing the best to Put-in-Bay. More importantly, we are a member of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce.  Consequently, the company is a pillar of this community. So, passengers feel at ease and may even learn something unique about the island only a local would know!

Downtown Put-in-Bay

There is a Put in Bay golf cart rental if you do wish to drive around yourself but with so many things to do in Put in Bay, parking is a nightmare downtown, especially at night. Therefore, travel from your cabin or hotel easily with Island Club Taxi Service. That way, you won’t spend half your night circling around looking for parking. Moreover, nights can run late downtown. With bars like Mr. Ed’s and Mojito Bay going after midnight, late-night service is crucial. So, call them up when the partying is over and it’s time to go home. Island Club Taxi are available until 3am during the summer season.


Ken M: “Fastest service on the island! Tim “Coconut” Pomps has consistently provided the best ride experience every summer. As soon as I dock, he’s is the first one I call and his arrival is within minutes. I have called on Tim for over 10 years and will continue to do so each time I visit!”

Jim T: “Weekend getaway at Put-in-Bay was awesome this year. Taxi service was always there for us. Everyone enjoyed the fun ride into town and back to our house. Seems like every time we needed a ride a taxi was right there for us! Jump in and go!”

Elizabeth S: “We stayed at the Island Club this weekend for a bachelorette party, and Island Club Taxi is the best on the island. The service is great, the taxis are clean & Brad, especially, went above and beyond for our group. Always on time and ready to take care of us. We can’t wait to come back.”

Kim S: “I had Andy as a driver and laughed the entire time. The van was clean, he played good music and helped with all of my luggage.”