Put in Bay Tunnel

Put in Bay Tunnel

Put in Bay Tunnel is a fun and imaginary way to get to the island.  It was concocted as an April Fool’s Joke that has gained some resonance over time.  The idea of going in a tunnel under Lake Erie to a quirky island village like PIB is something that you almost want to believe!  A crazy rock where people have fun at Swim Up Bars and take Taxi Rides with guys named Coconut

Every year there is always great fake stories and such about Put in Bay and the Lake Erie Islands.  The local newspaper even has a several page section full of hilarious spoofs.  The Tunnel to Put in Bay is one of the most remembered.  So much so, that there are even bumper stickers.  These “Tunnel Permits” can be seen adorning vehicles across South Bass Island.

To take the Put in Bay Tunnel madness even further, more was added to the story.  Another story told of a submarine crashing into the tunnel.  This caused major damage.  Ultimately, the Put-in-Bay Tunnel was considered unsafe and too costy to repair.  Fortunately, all was well as there was no Tunnel nor Submarine to be seen anywhere on Lake Erie!

There will be more fun had this year on April Fools.  It remains to see if there can be another great story like the Tunnel to Put-In-Bay that will stand the test of time.  The writes are hard at work scheming up something great!

So, the next time you come to the island… take a Put-in-Bay Ferry.  Tunnel is Closed!  🙂