Perry's Cave Family Fun Center

Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center

Perry’s Cave is a one-of-a-kind natural wonder located at Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center. Just about a mile outside of downtown Put-in-Bay, Perry’s is a must of everyone’s summer checklist.

About Perry’s Cave

South Bass Island is full of ecological wonders to discover. For such a small island, its diverse environmental landscape is really something to marvel. The island is a hunk of dolomite and limestone, believed to have formed  about 400 million years ago, at the bottom of a shallow salt water sea.

Perry’s Cave is named after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry who is believed to have discovered it in 1813. He was using Put-in-Bay as a harbor during the Battle of Lake Erie. As the legend does, Perry’s troops drank the pure water from the underground lake found in the cave.

The cave is 52 ft underground and 208 feet long by 165 feet wide. The temperature always stays at 50 degrees. The underground lake is quite mysterious. It rises and falls with Lake Erie but the connection between the two has yet to be discovered.

Regularly scheduled tours leave from the Gift Shop. Here visitors can find lots of amazing souvenirs, toys, and gifts. Remember to bring a jacket!

Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center

The Cave is the centerpiece of the center but there are lots of fun activities to choose from. One of the favorites is the War of 18 Holes mini golf course. Players learn about the War of 1812 while trying to hit under par.

The Butterfly House is a peaceful retreat. This aviary is full of fluttering butterflies and soothing music. Looking for something more active? Try racing your friends up the 25 ft rock wall. See who can ring the bell first! Other fun stuff includes Gemstone Mining, Fort aMAZEn, and the delicious treats at Dan Dee’s Snack Shack.


979 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA