The Round House Bar

The Round House Bar

An island institution for over 140 years, The Round House Bar is synonymous with summers on Put-in-Bay. Once their iconic “Whiskey” light is on, it is time to head to The Round House and party all day until the late night. It is located right downtown among other iconic Put-in-Bay restaurants and bars. Head there as soon as you get off the Put in Bay Ferry to start your party early! Please note that you must be 21 and over to enter The Round House Bar. You can have a blast inside the Round House or sitting on the patio which has plenty of outdoor seating for groups. Stop by the Chicken Patio right next door if you get a little hungry!

The Round House Bar History

The building that now houses The Round House opened in 1873. Originally called the Columbia Restaurant, it was one of the first places to keep things cool during the summer. The clever residents of Put-in-Bay collected ice from Lake Erie in the winter. They housed the blocks in what is now the Put-in-Bay Winery and used it for such prized delicacies as ice cream and cottage cream. These treats were so popular, huge banners hung from the building announcing their availability.

The famed circular bar was built by the Greunke family in 1944, giving it its signature look and namesake. The Cincinnati Brewing Company built it and Mrs. Greunke would play piano for concerts “in the round.” They later build the stage that is there today so live entertainment would always face the audience.

The McCann family, who has owned The Round House since the early 1950s added the bright red, white, and blue color scheme. Artist Scott LoBadio painted the outside and two island girls sewed the “parachute” that hangs from the ceiling. This is actually flame-retardant fabric. Canoe Bob, a local artist, painted the murals inside.

The Round House Celebrates Summer in Put-in-Bay, Ohio

An airy, vast bar with a great indoor/outdoor feel, the whole place is warm and inviting. The drinks are strong and cold and live music is usually playing in the afternoon and evening. Ray Fogg performs his unique blend of comedy and music, and Mike “Mad Dog” Adams and the Killer Flamingos play rock into the night, something none of the other Put in Bay bars can say they have. Located right next to The Park Hotel, come party all summer long at The Round House Bar, a Put-in-Bay favorite.

Best Restaurant and Bars on Put-in-Bay

The Round House Bar is the perfect place to start your day on Put-in-Bay island. It is centrally located and perfect for hopping around the island to visit all of the iconic bars and attractions like Perry’s Victory. You may want to visit The Reel Bar or Topsy Turvey to enjoy some more live entertainment! Topsy Turvey has a Cuban sandwich that is to die for if you looking for something to eat. Two must-see establishments are Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille and Joe’s Bar. Both places are Put-in-Bay classics! Bar hopping and exploring helps you work up an appetite. If you are looking for a sweet treat, Dairy Isle and Village Bakery have you covered.

Mossbacks, Hooligans Irish Pub, Frosty Bar, Boathouse Bar, The Keys, and Put-in-Bay Brewery and Distillery are great places to visit next! Walking up and down the streets of downtown Put-in-Bay is great because you never know what you may stumble upon. Delaware Ave, Bayview Ave, and Catawba Ave are the perfect areas to wander and see the sights of the island! The Round House Bar is open till late at night. So after you cruise around town, come back and relax with a cocktail while enjoying some more live entertainment!

Dining Options

If you are looking to dig into some appetizers and entrees, there are countless eateries on the island that serve up great food. Some of the most recommended places are The Old Forge Cafe, The Goat Soup & Whiskey, Pasquales Cafe, Cameo Pizza, and The Boardwalk! The Boardwalk restaurants including the Upper Deck are known for their great food. They are known for their world-famous lobster bisque, Alaskan King Crab, Lake Erie Perch and Walleye dishes, and strong margaritas! Check out the full list of Put-in-Bay Restaurants here.

Visit Put-in-Bay

South Bass Island is home to the most iconic bars and best restaurants. The island is also known for its world-class Put-in-Bay resorts. Put-in-Bay, Ohio is the perfect bay vacation. You won’t regret exploring the Lake Erie Islands. Visitors love the laid back island vibe of Put-in-Bay. Come experience The Key West of the North!


228 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA