Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides

Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides

Imagine soaring above Put-in-Bay in your very own helicopter ride. Take in Lake Erie, the surrounding islands, and even Canada as you soar amongst the clouds. Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides depart from the Put-in-Bay Airport and offers several spectacular tours of the region.

Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides Details

Each tour has a two-passenger minimum and a maximum of three. Their state-of-the-art fleet is manned by expert pilots who are all quite a knowledge of the region. The Put-in-Bay Airport is located at 1494 Langram Road on the southern tip of the island

They offer two distinct tours. The Yellow Tour gives you a unique birds-eye view of the entire area. Passengers will learn about the landmarks of the island including Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument, Benson Ford Shiphouse, the Lighthouse, and the rocky coastline itself. It costs $59.99 per person

The grand Blue Tour takes you over the entire region with views of all the Lake Erie Islands including South Bass Island, Middle, and North Bass. The Canadian Border can even be seen in the distance. This amazing experience is only $99.99 per person.

Their Put-in-Bay location is open from May to September while their location in Port Clinton is open year-round. They also sell gift certificates which makes the perfect gift for both first-timers and season regulars to the island.

Put-in-Bay Airport

The Put-in-Bay Airport services South Bass Island all year long. Open from dawn to dusk, small planes can easily access their two runaways, both in excellent condition. The runway is not lit so no departures are allowed after dusk.

Put-in-Bay Airport features vending machines and restrooms. There is no fuel service at this airport so vehicles need to fuel up at either Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport or Griffing Sandusky Airport. Island Taxi Service and Griffing Airlines both offer charter services to and from the island.

The airport also helps students go to school every day. Kids take planes too and from school from the other islands! They also are used for transportation for school sports events. It’s just like any school sports event and you wouldn’t even notice the difference until the announcer thanks the opposing team for bringing milk to the island. That’s right! Milk is a hot commodity on the island when you live 3 miles from the mainland!

Events at the Airport

Besides helicopter tours and charter services, visitors may take biplane rides in lovingly resorted World War II open-cockpit planes. Choose from aerobatic thrills, smooth scenic rides, and/or flight lessons for an activity definitely out of the ordinary.

Held at the airport every year, the popular Put-in-Bay 3W2 FLY-IN celebrates the love of flying. Plane enthusiasts journey to the island while the Put-in-Bay Antique Car Parade joins in on the fun with a good old fashioned pig roast.

The Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion is a fun two-day event for pro and amateur racers along with their fans.

The airport also hosts the Bash at the Bay big concert event at the end of the summer. They have hosted Rascal Flatts in 2018 and in 2019 they hosted Kid Rock! 2020, unfortunately, did not have a Bash at the Bay due to COVID-19, however, 2021’s event is already in the works.

Nearby Lodging

The Put-in-Bay Airport is right next to the newest, most luxurious lodging on the island, the Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos. So if you want to fly in for a couple of nights, you can step out of your plane and already be home! The Put-in-Bay Condos are one of our top recommended lodgings on the entire island, an honor shared with the Island Club, the Commodore Resort, and the Bird’s Nest.



1494 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA