The sandwich. Usually found in a deli & to go. It is sometimes simple. At other times it is quite complex. But one thing is for sure, it is always full of potential. With a multitude of meats, cheeses, condiments and breads to choose from, the possibilities seem endless. Don’t be tempted to slap a sandwich together in your Put-in-Bay Condo with reckless abandon. Take care and let a professional help! Because building a quality deli sandwich is simpler than you might think at Put-in-Bay.

Subway on Put-in-Bay, Ohio makes it easy to fuel up on delicious, fresh, and healthy food. Conveniently located with fast service and affordable eats, enjoy a sub any time of day and then get back to summertime fun on Put-in-Bay. The signature scent of the freshly made bread greets visitors in the lobby of the Commodore Hotel. Located right on Delaware Ave, the Commodore is minutes from the Refuge Harbor and Perry Park. This is the perfect location to refuel on South Bass Island. Conveniently located by Delaware Ave and Catawba Ave. You can take your fresh sub and enjoy a...More Information

Favorite Sandwiches

Club: The clubhouse sandwich is cloaked in mystery, its exact birthplace being unknown to this very day. This two-story stack of bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and toasted bread is routinely served with a pickle wedge or coleslaw, a sure sign you’re about to bite into a satisfying mouthful of turkey, bread, and love. Good chances are this is served for high tea at The Crews Nest. PB&J: The PB&J actually has its origins in high-society New York tearooms, not Put-in-Bay. This was pretty much the only place you would find a luxury like peanut butter being served 100 years ago. But, as time went on, it found its way into everything from school-kid lunch bags to WWII rations. For adults though, it is more a snack than a sandwich. Bet you can find some PB&J nostalgia at The Candy Bar. French Dip: Likely named for the namesake roll that holds its thin slices of rare rib eye, the French dip was actually born during the early 20th century in Los Angeles. The Dip requires frequent dunks into the included cup of drippings. Unfortunately, you inevitably end up with mouthfuls of disintegrating, yeasty bread accompanying your roast beef. But still yummy! You might find this at The Boathouse.

Put-in-Bay Deli Favorites

Meatball: Years ago, the meatball sub replaced a spaghetti dinner for quick to go meals. Plus: melted goddamn cheese. But a saucy sandwich on crusty bread can become a handheld nightmare if not done right. You have to find the right place for real meatballs instead of mystery meat lookalikes. Lots of cheese please! Cameo Pizza has a great late night meatball sub and Swipe Right Pizza out by Joe’s Bar offers some of the best late night pie on the island! Reuben: A mix of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut & Russian dressing, the Reuben is a superior version of the pastrami or corned beef on rye. It has been adopted across the country as an elemental part of most sandwich menus. Even at Put-in-Bay Ohio. The Reuben adds even more crunchy goodness being griddled with melted butter and cheese. You will probably find this at Hooligans Irish Pub. Cheesesteak: Maybe the cheesesteak isn’t your favorite sandwich, but it’s in almost everybody’s top 10 deli & to go sandwiches. You can’t deny that sort of consensus. While Philadelphians may claim a real cheesesteak must come on a local Amoroso roll, they also claim it should come “wit Whiz”. However, Cheez Whiz was invented 20 years after the sandwich! A real cheesesteak needs nothing more than griddled and seared sirloin with Provolone thrown on at the last minute to melt, all turned upside down on a sub roll. It is simplicity! The beauty of a cheesesteak is that even a bad cheesesteak is still delicious. Try Pasquale’s the next time you visit.