March 2024 Gazette - Gatewood’s Video Wins at Prestigious Film Festivals

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Gatewood’s Video Wins at Prestigious Film Festivals

“Island in the Sun,” the music video entertainer Bob Gatewood had filmed last fall on Put-in-Bay, has been honored with awards at several film festivals including IndieX, Independent Shorts Awards and Mindfield. The real-life/cartoon visuals and innovative storytelling showcased in the music video have earned “Island in the Sun” widespread acclaim, marking it as an exceptional achievement in the world of audiovisual storytelling.

Directed by Moe Taylor and produced by BrainDagger Films, the “Island in the Sun” music video seamlessly blends artistic vision with the soulful melody of Bob Gatewood’s acclaimed track. The video takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey, encapsulating the essence of the song’s tropical vibes and weaving a narrative that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

The accolades include best editing, best song and best video recognizing the outstanding creativity and technical excellence demonstrated by BrainDagger Films, Moe Taylor, and the entire team involved in bringing this visual masterpiece to life.

The film was shot on a green screen and all the live characters were added in post into a cartoon island universe where they sail around searching for the perfect island paradise. Eventually, they find Bob playing his guitar and waving and they all join him and the party on the “Island in the Sun” really gets going.

“We are honored and humbled by the recognition ‘Island in the Sun’ has received at these prestigious film festivals,” said Moe Taylor, CEO/director at BrainDagger Films. “This project was a labor of love, and we are thrilled to see it resonate with audiences and industry professionals alike. It truly speaks to the power of collaboration and the magic that happens when creative minds come together.” For those who don’t know Moe, he is the husband of Kathryn French and son-in-law of Richard and Joan French from Fox’s Den.

Bob Gatewood, the singer and songwriter behind the celebrated track, expressed his gratitude for the collaborative effort, stating, “The music video has elevated the song to new heights, and I am grateful to BrainDagger Films and Moe Taylor for bringing their vision to my music.”

The success of “Island in the Sun” at these film festivals solidifies BrainDagger Films and Moe Taylor’s position as innovators in the field of music video production. The awards not only recognize their artistic prowess but also highlight their ability to create visual narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.

You can view the “Island in the Sun” video by going onto YouTube and typing in Island in the Sun Gatewood.


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