October 2022 Gazette – Kelley’s Island News
Kelleys Island News By Leslie Korenko Finally, nice, cool weather and some refreshing rain, but still not enough and plants are really beginning to show the effects of our local drought. October is still pretty busy with parties, fundraisers, Owl Banding and more. Check the Chamber website for details. The HARVEST FEST is October 1st, and thanks to Dave Marco, the park will be decorated again this year. COUNCIL MEETINGS move to the second Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. at Kelleys Hall. The Great Lakes Islands Alliance (GLIA) comes to the Island on October 4th. October 15th is...More Information
October 2022 Gazette – On the Ballot in November
On the Ballot in November Voters will be going to the polls in November to vote on two island levies. The first is Issue #20 that deals with Township Policing. 20 Proposed Tax Levy (Additional) Put-in-Bay Township (unincorporated portion 39.2, 39.3, 39.4)A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage. An additional tax for the benefit of Put-in-Bay Township (unincorporated portion 39.2, 39.3, 39.4), for the purpose of providing and maintaining motor vehicles, communications, other equipment, buildings, and sites for such buildings used directly in the operation of a police department, for the payment of salaries of permanent or part-time police,...More Information