June 2021 Gazette – Island News
Kelleys Island News By Leslie Korenko Summer came on so suddenly, as I write this it is already pushing the high 80s. Looks like it will be a warm summer. The best part, the forecast for the algae bloom looks good with only a small impact this year. Midges (muffleheads) suddenly appeared and are everywhere. Next to come? The Mayflies. Parking at the Marblehead ferry dock has gone up to $15 and the ferry fees increased too. On the 20th, orange notices appeared on car windows notifying vehicle owners of the need for a KI parking permit. The school gym...More Information
Spotlight: PIB Waterfront Condos
Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos: Lake Erie’s Best-Kept Secret If you haven’t had the pleasure of staying at the Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos yet, then you’re missing out on the best vacation rentals not only in the Lake Erie Islands, but all of Ohio. From check-in to check-out, there’s absolutely nowhere better equipped for your Put-in-Bay vacation. So let’s take a look at this incredible South Bass Island vacation spot and see what makes it Put-in-Bay’s best lodging choice! Put-in-Bay Ohio’s Top Spot! A few years ago, the owner of the Put-in-Bay Condos took a look at the site just behind the Put-in-Bay...More Information