May 2021, In the News…
In the News…   Kimble Hired as Full-time Chief At a special meeting in April, the Put-in-Bay Village Council confirmed James Kimble as Put-in-Bay’s Chief of Police. Chief Kimble has served in an interim capacity since June 2020, and brings decades of law enforcement experience to the job. Applause broke out from the public attending the meeting when the vote was announced. Mayor Dress recommended Kimble for the police chief job and council members Judith Berry, Kelly Faris, Jacob Market and Jeff Koehler voted “yes” to hire him. Council member Michael McCann recused himself from the vote and council member...More Information
May 2021 Gazette – Stories from the Island
Rock of Ages By Gordy Barr On the west point of Middle Bass Island there is a black granite boulder that is split in half. In 1965, it was solid, and in my child’s view nothing in the world could ever break that rock. It was dragged here from the upper Canadian shield (1,000 miles away) by glaciers 10,000 years ago. The mile high glaciers melted. The glaciers carved out the Great Lakes. Boulders like this one littered the beaches of the western basin of Lake Erie. The beauty of Middle Bass is that it has grown slowly over the...More Information
May 2021 Gazette – Island News
Kelleys Island News By Leslie Korenko   April was a wild ride weather-wise. Temps ranged from the 70s to the low 30s, lots of wind and a light snow and almost freezing temps on the 21st. We have already seen the arrival of the Red Wing Blackbirds, while daffodils and snow drops have faded away. Now we look forward to Orioles, Hummingbirds and lilacs. Spring is absolutely spectacular here. Parking lots are filled with boat trailers from Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, S. Dakota and more. It was sad news on April 1, when a major fire destroyed a beautiful home on...More Information