February 2022 Gazette – Kelley’s Island News
  Kelleys Island News By Leslie Korenko It seems that all we talk about is the weather. What can I say – it’s winter and the ferry made its last trip on Friday, January 14th. Cold temps and winds pushed it back from the previously announced 16th. Since Christmas, there have been at least three “I heard it from…” announcements about the anticipated shut-down date – all claiming to be the official word. When it announced the shut down date, they advised us that we should not listen to rumors and just rely on their Facebook page! On Christmas Day...More Information
February 2022 Gazette – Busy Travelling & Wintering
  Busy Travelling & Wintering January was a busy month again as island folks ventured out into the world to get away from the ice, snow and cold. Nick Deardurff was one of many who headed to the west coast of Florida. Also in the area were Brad and Angie Ohlemacher from the Bird’s Nest, Paul Jeris from the Island Club, shiphouse owner Bryan Kaspar, Kathy Loroff, Kevin Cody, Mary and Jim Roesch from Middle Bass who enjoyed a little time on Sanibel Island. Scott and Dawn Bellinger from Meechen Rd. spent time on the eastside of Florida, as did...More Information