February 2022 Gazette - Busy Travelling & Wintering

February 2022 Gazette – Busy Travelling & Wintering


Busy Travelling & Wintering

January was a busy month again as island folks ventured out into the world to get away from the ice, snow and cold.

Nick Deardurff was one of many who headed to the west coast of Florida. Also in the area were Brad and Angie Ohlemacher from the Bird’s Nest, Paul Jeris from the Island Club, shiphouse owner Bryan Kaspar, Kathy Loroff, Kevin Cody, Mary and Jim Roesch from Middle Bass who enjoyed a little time on Sanibel Island. Scott and Dawn Bellinger from Meechen Rd. spent time on the eastside of Florida, as did Jim and Maria Wehrheim from Fox’s Den. Simona Michael from the Park Place Boat Club at the Keys and Chef F from Frosty’s visited South Beach in Florida. Jeff Ramsbottom from the West Shore was also in Florida, and so were Agnes and Jim Duppert from Chapman Ave. and Dave and Jill Warga from Mikes Drive on East Point. Others on the West Coast of Florida were Kris and Barbara Ohlemacher Hodgson from East Point, and Rory Ciacchi-DePerro from the West Shore. Ray, Laura and Marissa Fogg from the Reel Bar and Carl, Chris, Miranda and Jessica Krueger from Mojito Bay and the Surf Shop met up in Key West with Joe Suttmann and Ute Wiesmayr who had flown in from Austria. Also in Key West and other locations in Florida were Jason Buttrey and Amanda Singh. Patricia and John Fisher stopped in Nashville, TN, on their way to Florida. Leah Market spent time with her sister Caitin, brother-in-law Austin Bolyard and nephew Benjamin William, and her mother Jane Market in Santa Maria, Florida.

Bob and Jody Frimel from Pinky’s Pond spent time in Yelapa, Mexico where they were able to enjoy activities such as mexico city helicopter tour. Dave and Middy Church from Fox’s Den were also in Mexico as well as Bret Klun from the Keys and his wife Meredith. Jill Guseman from Splash and Nick Cartwright from the Blue Marlin were in Tulum, Mexico, with Taylor Dewar and Jared Dickman from Mr. Ed’s. We also heard from a little bird that Billy and Allie Market spent time in Mexico.

Erin Urge was with Tyler King and her father Dane for a visit to her brother Zoly and his fiancee Alex Deng in Seattle. Also west of the Mississippi were Peter and Amy Huston who travelled through Colorado. Nancy and Paul Kohrs, owners of the Reibel House, travelled to Phoenix, Arizona. David Washtock from Erie Island Carts and his wife Margaret Krob were skiing in Park City, Utah.

There has been a pretty good contingent of people visiting the Goat in St. Croix so far this season. Among those are Dick and Betty Bliss from Fox’s Den; Nan Burr from the West Shore and her son Andrew and his fiancee Laura Maurer; plumber Jim Dunfee from Fox’s Den; Jeff and Kendra Koehler form the Gazette; Susan Market from Dockside and Cary Ferguson from Ferguson Gallery on Marblehead; former Beer Barrel bartender Marty Naufell; and Mike and Kim Reichert from Chapman Rd.

Also in the Virgin Islands, but on Saint John, were Joan and Roger Rhoad from East Point along with Jack and Loraine Zimmerman and Rick and Paula Ziebarth.

Dave and Kat Kaiser-Holscott from the Goat’s Biergarten did multiple cruises through the Caribbean. Doraine Toms from the West Shore, Pauline Garsteck from Mitchell Rd. and former Island residents Chuck and Noreen Roth were on a cruise with multiple island stops in the Caribbean. Sean Koltiska from the SJ’s Hideaway at Bay Lodging Resort was also on a cruise in the Caribbean. Joan and Roger Rhoad from Cameo Pizza are spending their winter in St. John, USVI. Also visiting St. John have been Jack and Lorraine Zimmerman and Rick, Paula and Greg Ziebarth all from Airline Drive.

Cory and CC Wisniewski visited Tybee Island and Savannah, Georgia. Mark Mathys from the Put-in-Bay Resort and Conference Center was in the Peach State, too, as were Diane Nemec from Mitchell Rd., PIB Village Councilwoman Judy Berry, Rob Rush and Laureen Mooney from Mitchell Rd.

Brian Cultice from the Put-in-Bay Gazette, his wife Justine from Cameo Pizza and their daughter Evie spent time in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Paul Jeris from the Island Club and Brad Ohlemacher from the Bird’s Nest headed south of the Equator to Argentina. Also venturing to foreign lands were Rick and Sondra Martin from Lakeview Allotment who were across the Atlantic in Amsterdam.