Boathouse Beverage Center & Delivery

Boathouse Beverage Center & Delivery

More common back in the day, you don’t see too many drive thru convenience stores these days. That’s not the case on Put-in-Bay. The Boathouse Beverage Center & Delivery offers all the selection of a corner store, without ever having to leave your vehicle.

They also deliver! Call them up next time you throw a party.

Boathouse Beverage Center & Delivery Experience

Cars, which may have called upon services like Car Paint protection Sydney, pull into the store through a big bay door. Take a drive down the aisle and make your selections. A staff person follows your car, collecting everything you need. You then reach the cash register and pay up! It is that easy.

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Walkers are also welcomed!

Conveniently located right downtown, the Boathouse Beverage Center & Delivery is on Hartford Avenue next to the Boathouse. They carry a great selection of beer, sodas, tobacco products, and other food items. Swing up by to grab a snack or 6-pack of beer. An easy place to run to when you need something like gum or a refreshing drink. The prices tend to be a dollar more than on the mainland, but that’s island living!

Downtown Put-in-Bay

The Boathouse is the closest restaurant to Boathouse Beverage Center & Delivery and a true island favorite. This restaurant and bar serve up delicious bites such as Cajun Jambalaya and Smoked Fish Spread. Their take is classic bar food with a gourmet twist. The drinks are strong and live music can be heard almost every night of the week.

This part of town includes great shopping as well. Boutiques such as Mariner’s Locker, Del Sol, and Sun Stoppers are right nearby. Sun Stoppers helps you pick out the perfect sunglasses for your favorite activities so make sure to stop by, especially if you plan on being on the boat most of your time here.

DeRivera Park is a lovely spot for a picnic. Kids love Kimberly’s Carousel and the Put-in-Bay Candy Bar. All this in just a couple of blocks!


198 Hartford Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA