Put-in-Bay EMS

Put-in-Bay EMS


The Put-in-Bay EMS provides emergency assistance to the island. Leaders in Advanced Life Support since 1977, they provide in the best in care. Tax levis also help fund this crucial institution as does a staff of dedicated volunteers for a well-funded and efficient department. An absolute necessity on Put-in-Bay in both the summer and winter season.

Put-in-Bay EMS Location

Situated on Catawba Avenue, the EMS Station is centrally located. The Put-in-Bay School, the only school on the island, is less than a block away. Downtown Put-in-Bay is steps away. Most of the bars, restaurants, and shopping is located within these few blocks. It can get quite busy during the season. No matter the crisis, EMS is always right around the corner.

Partnership with St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

The EMS recently partnered with St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in order to offer more services to the island. Because of this partnership there is now a paramedic on the island year round. This Toledo-based hospital provides educational services, teaching personnel about the latest in medical procedures.

During the summer months, the island is equipped with four ambulances, three for Put-in-Bay, one for Middle Bass Island. New recruits arrive every summer to help with the increased population. These recruits come directly from the program at St. Vincent guaranteeing their expertise. The latest Advanced Life Support equipment is found in each ambulance. Island visitors and locals can rest assured they will be well taken care on in an emergency.

There is now a Clinic in the EMS building to attend to a variety of needs.  A staff of professionals tend to patients in a calm environment.

Put-in-Bay is grateful for the dedicated staff at the EMS as well as the advancements new funding has provided. New visitors to put-in-Bay are in good hands with the Put-in-Bay EMS!