Village Docks A & C

Village Docks A & C

The Village Docks A & C are Put-in-Bay premiere docks. Located right downtown on Bayview Avenue, these docks are close to everything. Available for both overnight and transient docking, the Village Docks A & C give safe harbor to boaters of all stripes.

Once you dock, take a short stroll to one of the amazing restaurants on the island. The Boathouse Bar and Grille, the Boardwalk Restaurants and the Keys are very close by. Additionally the Jet Express Terminal is a few steps away.

Village Docks A & C Features

Boaters can take advantage of all the amenities offered at these docks. These include water, full electricity, and high speed internet. The Village Bath House is also located a short walk away. Situated in the middle of DeRivera, this facility includes a restroom, multiple showers, and public lockers for rent.

DeRivera is a lovely place to stretch your legs after a day on the boat. Picnic tables and charcoal grills dot the park. Families and groups of friends love grilling out and enjoying each other’s company. Will’s Playground is a favorite of kids of all ages and sizes.

DeRivera Park was a gift from the founder of Put-in-Bay, Jose DeRivera. He is responsible for much of what we see on the island today.

Restaurants and attractions line the park. Kimberly’s Carousel is just across the street. Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument rises from the trees.

Village Docks A & C Rules

  • No grills or open fires on docks.
  • No swimming around marina.
  • Water guns, sling sots and water balloon fights are not allowed.
  • No fireworks or weapons
  • Motorized scooters are not allowed.  So, guests must walk them.
  • Guests on Roller blades and bikes must be walk them on docks.  No riding permitted.
  • No reserving space for others.
  • Leaving unattended boats overnight is strictly prohibited.
  • Pets must be on a leash.
  • There is mandatory rafting up to 4 boat
  • No floating toys permitted.