Park Drive-Thru Convenience Store

Park Drive-Thru Convenience Store

If you are from one of the twenty American states that don’t have these, you may be shocked when you’re downtown and see Park Drive-Thru. Park Drive-Thru is a convenience store with beer to buy that you can simply drive through, point out what you’d like, and pay for it at the end without ever getting out of your car or golf cart! Of course, if you arrive on foot that’s no problem either, you can still come through and get whatever you need. This is the perfect place to refill the beer and soda coolers and grab some chips and pretzels and other party essentials. Park Drive-thru is open until 1 AM on the weekends to keep the party going.

Park Drive-thru is right across the street from DeRivera Park. So if you’re having a daytime picnic in the park and you find that you’ve forgotten something, you can get it just a hop and a skip away. In fact, don’t burden yourself with lugging things like ice and chips and snacks all over the island. Just grab them at Park Drive-thru before the picnic!

At Park Drive-Thru, you’ll find:

  • Ice
  • Tons of drink options like beer, juice, soda, energy drinks, water, milk, coffee and more
  • All the snacks you’ll need, chips, pretzels, popcorn
  • If you’re a smoker, a quick stop for cigarettes
  • Plenty more

Park Drive-thru is an easy walk from all of the downtown docks, so if you’re coming by boat, it can serve as your base of operations. Grab your ice and drinks for the coolers, then head back out onto the water for your fishing expedition or your relaxing day out on the water.

Also, nearby all of the downtown docks is the amazing Boathouse Restaurant. Here you’ll find great seafood and American cuisine menu. There is often live entertainment and there are always great views of the lake and downtown.

198 Hartford Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA