Put-in-Bay Raceway

Put-in-Bay Raceway

Race at the fastest speeds on the whole of South Bass Island at Put-in-Bay Raceway. With a specially constructed bank tracked, these little cars can zoom up to 50 miles per hour. Much faster than your normal, everyday golf cart! If you want to bet on any racing event, sites like 카지노 먹튀 can be trusted.

Put-in-Bay Raceway Details

Fun for all ages, groups of friends love racing each other at only $2 per racer. That’s right! No driver’s license required for this one! Challenge up to four other racers for an exhilarating 2 ½ minute race around the oval track. There’s no telling who will come out on top! The winner buys the next game.

Put-in-Bay Raceway Location

The central location of Put-in-Bay Raceway makes it an easy activity to squeeze into your busy summer day on the island. Located right on Delaware Avenue in the middle of downtown, Put-in-Bay Raceway is neighbors to other popular island businesses. A fun-filled day in the Village always includes a stop at the Raceway.

Put-in-Bay Raceway Neighbors

This corridor includes some of the most family-friendly activities on the whole island. Kimberly’s Carousel is pretty much next door as is the Put-in-Bay Candy Bar and DeRivera Park.

Kimberly’s Carousel is an iconic symbol of the island. Select from a variety of brightly colored animals and ride around this vintage carousel as joyous music spills into the streets. The favorite here is definitely Petey the Perch.

The Put-in-Bay Candy Bar makes for a perfect spot after racing at the Raceway and enjoying a ride on the carousel. They sell everything from classic candies to contemporary confections. Grab a cone of one of their delicious ice creams and head out onto the patio to take in the sights of downtown.

The charming DeRivera Park is a green oasis in the midst of the busy downtown. With plenty of areas to picnic, playgrounds good for all ages, and BBQ pits throughout the park, your family will love relaxing here. There is also a gazebo for rent as well as nearby docks. Public restrooms, lockers, and showers can be found in the bathhouse.

This park also happens to be where many of the Put in Bay events tend to happen. Anything from the Pirate Fest to historical reenactments! This park located right in the middle of downtown so it is always a happening area. Make sure to visit the bars, restaurants, and shops while in the downtown area to ensure that you get the full island experience. Wherever you end up going, you are sure to get a nice island welcome!

All-Ages Put-in-Bay Attractions

The Put-in-Bay Raceway is just one of the great places to visit for families making their way to the Bay. Put-in-Bay has so many awesome spots for the whole family. We also recommend checking out the Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center, where you will find attractions like a rock climbing wall, gemstone mining, putt-putt, and a life-sized maze. And that’s not to mention the crown jewel of the Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center complex, the cave itself!

There is so much to discover in Put-in-Bay. From the delicious restaurants like The Keys and the Old Forge to live music played at Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille, and plenty of family-friendly fares, a day spent here is always one to remember. Sometimes one day just isn’t enough to take in everything that the island has to offer.

Don’t be afraid to book lodging at Put-in-Bay at our rentals or condo! However, make sure you book sooner rather than later because weekends fill up fast in the summer. Make sure you check out the island events coming up to book the weekend that suits you best!

Travel to the island via the Jet Express ferry or the Miller Ferry. The Jet Express lands you right downtown while the Miller allows vehicles on board. Once you disembark, the whole island is available for you to create the summer of your dreams!