Put-in-Bay Yacht Club

Put-in-Bay Yacht Club

Located right down the street from the Put in Bay ferry drop off area, the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is committed to promoting all types of boating and aquatic activities on Lake Erie. A private social organization, the Yacht Club boasts a significant amount of dockage and wonderful facilities. The atmosphere is friendly and very social. It is located near the Miller Marina.

The Vision 2020 kick-off was a big hit with their members and it represented a joint effort to coordinate the club’s short and long term goals to improve the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club loved by so many generations.

Becoming a The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Member

If you love boating and visit Put-in-Bay on a regular basis, consider becoming a member of the yacht club. For a small yearly fee of $292, you enjoy access to their docks and facilities. Junior members can also join for only $100. You are also able to attend the social functions offered from picnics, parties, cruise outs, among others. But most importantly, you become part of an important volunteer organization.

Every member is encourage to donate their set of unique skills to help the club as well as the younger members. The Club is active in several boating organizations including the Greater Cleveland Boating Association (GCBA), Associated Yacht Clubs (AYC), the Interlake Yachting Association (I-LYA), and Yachting Clubs of America (YCA). Members of the PIBYC can access facilities at these organizations throughout the US.

The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club (PIBYC) is located in the western end of Lake Erie on South Bass Island. They promote all forms of boating, sailing, yachting, and other aquatic sports. They have annual events which include cruise outs, parties, picnics, and numerous other Put in Bay attractions and events. If you want to spend the whole weekend with them and go to all the events, then you can book a Put in Bay hotel, rental, or resort for a few nights and enjoy all that the island has to offer.

Becoming a Junior Member

Are you older than 21 but not yet 28 years old? If the answer is yes then you, or someone you may know qualifies to become a Junior Member of the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club! Spread the word, and ask your good friends and family to join the Club! As we gather some momentum, we’ll light up the night with a “Just for Junior Members” celebration.

Put-in-Bay Yacht Club History

Put-in-Bay was a popular destination of the Midwest affluent in the latter half of the 19th century. Founded in 1886, the Yacht Club is one of the oldest on Lake Erie. Valentine Doller served as the first commodore. Their main initiative was to promote the Inter Lake Yachting Association or ILYA. ILYA holds a regatta for adults and children every summer.

They procured the Bay View House in 1923 from Jack J. Day and built a clubhouse and docks. Unfortunately it was no match for the rising waters and winter ice. In the years following World War II massive amounts of improvements helped the Yacht Club. Facilities were renovated and sailing and swimming programs were also added. Today it also includes a robust social scene centered around the popular Friday Dinners.



536 Bayview Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA