Jane Coates Wildflower Trail

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail

A half-mile loop located on the southern end of South Bass Island, Jane Coates Wildflower Trail offers hikers scores of wildflowers and migratory and local birds singing from the trees. This beautiful trail is accessible for visitors of various physical abilities.

In November 2007, private donor funds and a Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grant made it possible for the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy to purchase three acres of wood adjacent to the Ladd Carr Wildlife Woods. Jane Coates ‘ Wildflower Trail connects the two estates.

A combination of plant life is cultivated in the Trail region of Sugar Maple, Blue Ash, Basswood, Black Cherry, and Common Hackberry. Wildflowers like Dutchman’s Breeches, Jack in the Pulpit and Blue Phlox are present in the summer. Listening to birds, watching wildlife, and hiking in the woods are all great experiences here.

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Details

While wildflower blooms are most vibrant in April and May, this trail is stunning all summer long. The Wildflower trail also links three additional acres of woods adjacent to the Ladd Carr Wildlife Woods creating an oasis for environmental preservation.

This area is now protected from any further developments thanks to a grant from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund awarded in 2007 as well as funds from a private donor.

The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy is responsible for both the trail and the wooden areas. Volunteers regular clean the trail and tend to the public areas guaranteeing it is always in good condition. Islanders and summer visitors can both take part in helping maintain the natural beauty of the island.

Whenever you go for a walk or hike make sure to practice the principle of “leave no trace,” carrying out an trash or debris you bring with you.

Named for beloved local artist Jane Coates, this trial celebrates her love for the islands more wild areas.

Sugar Maple, Blue Ash, Basswood, Black Cherry, and Common Hackberry are just some of the trees seen on the trail. Wildflowers like Dutchman’s Breeches, Jack in the Pulpit and Blue Phlox can be seen in the spring. There are also Wild Hyacinths and Appendaged Waterleaf during the rest of the summer. The Dutchman’s Breeches completely covers the ground in the spring with sweet white flowers.

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail provides a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the Village of Put-in-Bay. Visit this lovely spot for a walk, bird-watching, and simply enjoy your natural surroundings.

The Wildlife of the Lake Erie Islands

The Jane Coates Wildflower Trail also offers visitors a chance to spot the diverse wildlife of South Bass Island. For bird watchers, this is a popular spot for migratory birds.

The woods of South Bass Island are also home to several species of reptiles and amphibians. The wet woods provide important breeding, feeding, and overwintering spots for many island critters. Animals like the Blandings Turtle, the American Toad, and Salamanders can be spotted here as well as the rest of the island.

Beautiful Put-in-Bay, Ohio!

The Jane Coates Wildflower Trail is but one of the impeccably maintained destinations for nature lovers on South Bass Island. Seriously, it’s beautiful here! We have state parks, hiking trails, walking trails, historic vineyards, coastal views, it’s almost too much! Don’t get the idea in your head that Put-in-Bay is all about the bars and restaurants (although we’re not short of those either). If you want to spend some time surrounded by nature, Put-in-Bay is the perfect place to have a vacation!

Nearby Neighbors

The south end of the island is a bit quieter than downtown. Looking for a bite after your time spent at Jane Coates? Joe’s Pub provides a hearty bar menu and pleasant patio while Goat Soup and Whiskey serves up high-end classics.