Tour the Benson Ford Ship House

Tour the Benson Ford Ship House

Benson Ford Ship House Tour On June 11th

On June 11th,  visitors to Put-in-Bay will have the opportunity to check out the interior of an amazing PIB landmark and one of America’s most unique homes. The Benson Ford Ship House, once a freighter owned by Henry Ford, cut in half and converted into a home on the shore of South Bass Island, is a history buff’s dream. And for one afternoon, tours will be available for $40, with the proceeds raising funds for a couple of charitable island causes.

How to get tickets to the tour:

Tickets are available at

If you plan to attend, please be aware that parking on-site is essentially non-existent, and event organizers ask that you take a taxi, or as a last resort, ride a golf cart down as opposed to a car.

If you can’t make it to the Bay on the 11th, there will also be a tour on August 27th. And if that doesn’t work either, you can tour the Ship House on your computer with this great virtual tour of the Benson Ford!

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