Perry's Cave Gift Shop

Perry’s Cave Gift Shop

If you come to Put-in-Bay with family, there’s a great chance that your most treasured memories of the trip will have taken place at Perry’s Cave. Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center is the marquee all-ages attraction at Put-in-Bay. Commemorate your visit to Perry’s Cave with a couple of souvenirs from Perry’s Cave Gift Shop. You’ll find games, toys, beautiful geodes and more. They have excellent mementos.

Perry’s Cave Gift Shop and the Shop at the Top

To enjoy Perry’s Cave to its fullest, you’ll end up in the gift shop anyway. It’s affectionately known as the “Shop at the Top” and it is also where you will purchase your tickets for the various Perry’s Cave attractions. The jewel of the complex is Perry’s Cave itself. A cave 52 feet below the surface of the island, with an amazing underground lake that rises and falls with Lake Erie. Friendly and knowledgeable tour guides will tell you about this and all of the geological and historical significance of this cave. There’s also a rock wall, mini-golf, and more to do at this all-in-one attraction!

Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center Activities

Gemstone Mining is a favorite activity for kids and adults alike. Buy a bag of rough from the Shop at the Top, take it to the water flume and sift through it for gems. Every bag is guaranteed to have something cool in it! There’s also DanDee’s Snack Shack on-site so you can refuel between activities. And don’t forget Fort a’MAZEn, the life-size maze. See who can find their way through the fastest from the observation tower!

You’ll have an amazing time at Perry’s Cave, so take something home to remember it by! It’s the perfect spot for the afternoon on a weekend getaway to Put n Bay. Reserve your lodging today!