Red Moon

Red Moon

Located right in the downtown area, it is perfectly situated near many other things to do in Put in Bay. With it’s convenient location, you can walk to it right from the Put in Bay ferry terminal as soon as you get to the island. Go back in time at the Red Moon, an intimate speakeasy at the Park Hotel. During the days of Prohibition, bartenders would encourage patrons to “speak easy” in order not to arise suspicion, hence the term speakeasy. Thankfully Prohibition is long over and we can now enjoy our cocktails out in the open.

Inside the Red Moon

The Red Moon varies vastly from other bars in Put in Bay. A darkly lit bar with red bar chairs and elaborate wallpaper, the setting is both sophisticated and cozy. The Park Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Put-in-Bay and full of amazing architectural details. The original tin ceiling at the Red Moon is now painted gold and the table tops are repurposed from old picnic tables from The Roundhouse.

This quiet spot is world’s away from the crowded summer streets of downtown Put n Bay. Perfect for a date night or girl’s night, the wine list features wine from all over the world. They have an amazing selection from the West Coast as well. Local craft brews are also on the menu along with imported and domestic bottles.

Their beer cocktails are really something special. Try the Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA with ginger beer, mango, and passionfruit or Bay Harbor Blueberry Ale with basil lemonade. A great choice for hot summer nights.

Cocktails Galore

Release your inner flapper with a martini from their impressive list. They build on the 1920’s favorite with stunning flavor combinations like the Red Moon Martini with cranberry, lime and cointreau with Absolut. The White Moon on the other hand combines peach schnapps, white cranberry with Ketel One Citrus. Other classic cocktails include Negronis, Manhattans, and Pimm’s Cup. Once you get your fill, you can easily walk to any of the Put in Bay attractions that are located right outside the Red Moon in the downtown area!

Rum running, the act of transporting booze from Canada into the states, was huge in the Great Lakes during Prohibition. The Park Hotel played a role when a maid named Magi fell in love with a rum runner known only as Max. Sadly, the couple was caught red handed one night.


234 Delaware Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA