Summer is the perfect time to get your friends and family to a Put-in-Bay park and get active with outdoor fun and games. There are dozens of parks and green spaces on South Bass Island, so wherever you are, there’s probably one close by. These spaces are ideal for free physical activities and nature exploration, for all ages and fitness levels. It’s recommended that you do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each week and a park is a perfect place. This will help control your weight and reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Put-in-Bay Parks help you stay healthy!

Oak Point State Park
One of the many things to do in Put in Bay include checking out the Oak Point State Park, the smallest park in Ohio’s state park system. It offers a range of facilities for both boaters and picnickers alike. At only 1.5 acres, this little green jewel is a must-stop during your vacation on Put-in-Bay. With panoramic views of Lake Erie, this makes for a spectacular spot to enjoy the sunrise before heading out on the boat. Oak Point State Park Details Located on Bayview Avenue, Oak Point State Park is a short walk from downtown Put-in-Bay. The walk from...More Information
Massie Cliffside Preserve
One of the many protected nature preserve on South Bass Island, Massie Cliffside Preserve offers a lovely respite from the excitement of downtown Put-in-Bay. A highly coveted summertime destination, Put-in-Bay also offers something for everyone, from the best in dining and nightlife, to amazing natural wonders. Take a stroll in this wooded part of the island and enjoy the wildlife around you. Whether you are trying to be surrounded by nature, go fishing in a more secluded area, or maybe just listening to the birds and trying to spot them, the Massie Cliffside Preserve is a relaxing trail that can...More Information
Jane Coates Wildflower Trail
A half-mile loop located on the southern end of South Bass Island, Jane Coates Wildflower Trail offers hikers scores of wildflowers and migratory and local birds singing from the trees. This beautiful trail is accessible for visitors of various physical abilities. In November 2007, private donor funds and a Clean Ohio Conservation Fund grant made it possible for the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy to purchase three acres of wood adjacent to the Ladd Carr Wildlife Woods. Jane Coates ‘ Wildflower Trail connects the two estates. A combination of plant life is cultivated in the Trail region of Sugar Maple, Blue...More Information
Dodge Woods Preserve
The Dodge Woods Preserve offers visitors 3.5 acres of natural wonder and beauty. Open to the public from dawn to dusk, the preserve also helps protect the natural habitats of South Bass Island for all to enjoy. Dodge Woods Preserve Location Located at the intersection of Langram and Thompson Road, the preserve is just a short walk from Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center, the Put-in-Bay airport, and the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center. The Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos are an excellent lodging choice also close by. Put-in-Bay may be known as a party destination but it is also...More Information
Alfred Parker Park
Put-in-Bay is known far and wide for its beautiful lake vistas, fascinating ecology, and an amazing list of outdoor activities available to visitors and locals alike. Captain Alfred Parker Park is one of the many island parks and at .45 acres, this park is certainly one of the smallest. Alfred Parker Park Location Located on the western shore of South Bass Island, Alfred Parker park sits just past the Dupont Avenue/ West Shore Boulevard intersection. It takes about thirty minutes to walk there or a quick golf cart ride. Alfred Parker Park Details Dedicated to the service of Captain Alfred...More Information
With busy schedules and handheld electronics inside the home, it’s often difficult to get your kids the time outdoors they need. But with a little planning and creativity, getting your kids to enjoy the outdoors while on vacation, specifically at a Put-in-Bay park is easy! An hour of unstructured, free playtime every day is ideal and can be as simple as a walk in the park. Here’s a sample of activities to get you and your kids started in our Put-in-Bay parks.


Encourage your kids to watch for wildlife. There is often wildlife at Put-in-Bay parks including bugs, birds, and sometimes larger animals. kids can scrapbook the wildlife they see into a notebook, create drawings or take photos.

Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt. Work together to create a list of items you could see in a park like a leaf, a pinecone, sand, a swing, a fence etc. You can even go beforehand and hide some biodegradable (just in case you forget and can’t find them) clues and shopping treasures to find.

How do I make a Nature Map?

Draw a nature map of your local park. Walk the park and then have your kids draw the map of the park including important features and details from your walk. Have them highlight specific spots where you saw a critter. Get supplies at the Island Hardware Store.

Can you have a picnic in Put-in-Bay?

Yes! Visitors often picnic in the park. Your lunch basket often tastes better when you are sitting in a beautiful park. Bring a blanket and your favorite foods from one of our Put-in-Bay restaurants to enjoy the nice weather. Don’t forget to pick up your trash and recycle.

Where should I walk around Put-in-Bay?

Walk! It’s simple to do. Before or after dinner, take some time to walk together as a family. Put-in-Bay parks provide ample opportunities for this. You can even just walk from your Put-in-Bay Condos to the downtown area. Discuss what happened during the day while getting a little exercise. It is a bonding moment to remember.

Where can I see artwork on the island?

Make art from nature. Press flowers, leaves, pinecones or draw part of your favorite park. Bring a little bit of Put-in-Bay nature back home with you. Play with dirt and mud. Let your kids have the opportunity to get really dirty while learning how to play and be creative by themselves.

Can I collect Sea Glass on Put-in-Bay?

There are many beaches where you can start a beach glass collection! Collect all different shapes and sizes, colors, and surfaces. Another great way to bring a bit of the outdoors home with you. It takes about 30 years for Lake Erie to break down regular glass into beach glass, and not all beaches are capable of creating it, which is why a good beach glass beach is hard to find. Clear glass is the most common, as are brown and green. The most prized, rare glass is orange and red. Most importantly, keep toys and handheld electronics to a minimum when visiting a park. That goes for parents also; leave your smartphone and work back in your Put-in-Bay lodging. It is important to teach your kids to have a fun time away from all their modern-day electronics. It also will decrease YOUR stress to slow down, enjoy a Put-in-Bay park, and enjoy the bountiful Lake Erie nature.