Heineman Winery Tastings

Heineman Winery Tastings

Heineman Winery makes some of the most delicious wine on South Bass Island. Located about a mile from downtown Put-in-Bay, Heineman’s features a charming wine garden, gift shop, and tours of both the winery and the Crystal Cave, which is the largest geode in the world. The Crystal Cave and Heineman’s Winery are located close to the Put-in-Bay resorts.

Heineman’s Winery History

Founded in 1888, Heineman’s is the oldest winery on the island. Gustav Heineman immigrated from the German wine region of Baden, bringing with him old-world techniques to Put-in-Bay, Ohio ideal for winemaking.

The tempering effect from Lake Erie produces a longer growing season than the mainland. The soil is also rich in nutrients, ideal for grape growing. It couldn’t be a more perfect pair.

The wine business took off on Put-in-Bay and by 1900 there were 16 more wineries. However, they were unable to survive Prohibition. Gustav’s quick thinking grandson instantly adapted and sold tickets to the Cave along with taxi wines and the production of unfermented wine juice.

Heineman’s is still family-owned today, with the third, fourth, and fifth-generation are still working to produce this spectacular wine. Visitors can experience this historic winery just miles from downtown Put-in-Bay! Come experience the small-town vibe of this quaint winery.

The Wine at Heineman’s Winery

The local grapes of this region are Labrusca. Along with the two major grape varieties, Concord and Catawba, they produce delicious wine that is known for its excellent sweetness. Their most popular wine, Pink Catawba is made directly from these varieties while the Labrusca is responsible for Ives, Delaware, and Niagara wines.

Heineman’s is also the only winery on the Put-in-Bay island to practice “vine to wine” quality control, which means they make wines directly from the grapes grown on their property.

The winery produces both wines made from single grapes known as Varietal and blends like Sauterne and Burgundy, names that denote their classical heritage.

Tastings are available in the wine garden. The beautiful wine garden has ample outdoor seating. Open daily during the summer, this lovely spot includes glasses of Heineman’s award-winning wine served alongside cheese plates. Cheese plates make a fantastic appetizer while sipping and sampling wine. Although there are no true entrees available, cheese plates and other appetizers make for great snacks.

Bottles of wine are available for purchase at the gift shop. Wines can be shipped year-round.

Heineman’s Wines

  • Pink Catawba is a medium sweet wine with fruity notes
  • Watersnake Noiret is the winner of the 2017 Great American Wine Competition
  • White Riesling
  • Island Chablis
  • Crystal Cave Champagne is a medium-dry champagne

During bottling seasons, locals and visitors lend a hand. This is truly a Lake Erie institution. Come down to the Wine Garden at Heineman’s and forget your cares for a day. Their winery on Put-in-Bay is always relaxing, sophisticated, and features the best wine in the area.

The Crystal Cave

The cave was found after workers were trying to dig a well for the well more than 40 feet down. The cave is the world’s largest geode and it helped the Heineman Winery survive the prohibition. They gave tours and this, along with selling grape juice, helped to keep them in business. Tours of the cave start at $8 per adult and $4 per kid between the ages of 6 and 11. Tours are offered seven days a week from 11 am-5 pm Monday through Saturday and 12 pm-5 pm on Sundays. This is a must-see if you stop by the winery!

After you visit Frosty’s or Mr. Ed’s Bar, you can take a reprieve from that energetic scene and relax at the Winery. After you take in a beautiful sunset at Heineman’s, head over to Delaware Ave and Catawba Ave for the late-night bar scene! End your night with a sweet treat from Dairy Isle or a signature pizza from Cameo Pizza. The possibilities are endless!

If you are still hungry after your time at the winery browse our suggested dining options:

  • Joe’s Bar
  • Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille
  • The Boardwalk and Upper Deck
  • Mossbacks
  • Put-in-Bay Brewery and distillery
  • Pasquale’s Cafe

The Heineman Winery is a perfect way to spend an afternoon on the beautiful island of Put-in-Bay. Once you visit, you will see how much there is to do and see! To experience the complete island experience stay at a Put-in-Bay resort! Take the relaxing ferry over and get your island getaway started. They don’t call Put-in-Bay the Key West of North for nothing!



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