7 Safe Put-in-Bay Ohio Boating Tips

7 Safe Put-in-Bay Ohio Boating Tips

7 Safe Boating Tips for Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Ohio is Lake Erie’s boating paradise. Every hundreds of thousands of visitors and boaters alike visit the island to enjoy the laid back island vibes without having to go to the Caribbean. With so many great attractions, restaurants and bars, its no wonder Put-in-Bay is the place to be during the summer season. Enjoy our safe boating tips for Put-in-Bay!

As the hot summer days keep get hotter and hotter, we would like to provide you with some safe boating tips to follow while up at Put-in-Bay.  Boating accidents can happen yet one should feel inclined to believe at least some accidents can be prevented.

Knowing how to manage the extreme summer heat is very important when it comes to safe boating.  Please take into consideration the following boating tips that will allow you and your boating partners to stay safe this coming summer.

1. Hyrdration is Key

Hydration is crucial on days of extreme heat.  Be sure to drink plenty of water to ensure yourself, your friends and family do not suffer from heat exhaustion or a heat stroke. Please do not wait until it is too late to hydrate yourself. Always have a case of water bottles on board.

2.  Clothing Tips

Avoid wearing dark colored clothing as that will make you absorb heat much quicker.  It is recommended to wear light colored clothing to reflect as much heat as possible.  Be sure to wear a hat and your favorite pair of sunglasses to avoid direct contact with the sun.

3.  Check the Weather!

Have a look at the hourly weather forecast on days that you intend to take the boat out.  If possible, attempt to head out on the water during the cooler hours of the day.  That way, you will be running less risk of the negative effects of extreme heat.

4.  Dealing With Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Know the difference between Heat Exhaustion vs. Heat Stroke.  Heat exhaustion is the result of your body overheating and comes before a heat stroke.  Some symptoms to look out for include cold skin with goose bumps, headache, nausea, rapid pulse, heavy sweating, dizziness and fatigue.  Should someone you know experience these symptoms be sure to rehydrate that person with lots of water, ice the armpits and groin area and avoid any alcoholic drinks.

Heat stroke will set in if heat exhaustion is not properly treated. A heat stroke occurs when your body temperature reaches 104 degrees or higher.  This will cause your brain, heart, muscles and kidneys to severely damaged.  If not treated with immediate medical attention a heat stroke can lead to death or serious organ damage.  Call 911 immediately if you suspect a heat stroke.

5.  Have Enough Life Vests

Be sure to have a life vest for every passenger on board.  Being prepared for any potential accident with life vests will ensure your passenger will stay above water should an accident happen.

6.  Follow the Rules!

Be sure to obey “No Wake Zones”.  Wakes coming from larger boats can sink a smaller boat or potentially cause a fatal boating accident.  Failure to comply with the wake zone rules will leave you responsible legally and financially for any damage you cause.  Study up on Put-in-Bay boating laws to make sure you are boating responsibly.

7.  Stay away from Gunwhales

Avoid riding the “gunwhales” and the top of the bow.  Doing so is illegal and is a massive safety hazard.  Should you come across a hard wave or wake passengers could easily fly out of your boat and leave you responsible for possible injuries and fatalities.

Thank you for reading our safe boating tips for Put-in-Bay! For any questions regarding lodging or golf cart rentals, call our office at 216-898-9951 or visit our website for more information.