August 2023 Gazette - Delaware Avenue Parking Update

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Delaware Avenue Parking Update


On Friday, July 7th, “4 Passenger Golf Carts Only” was stenciled by line marking contractors on each of the diagonal parking spots on Delaware Ave. This was done to augment the regular information parking signs along the street for a couple of reasons.
1) 6-passenger-and-above golf carts stick out into the street and disturb the flow of traffic, especially when it comes to getting police cars, firetrucks and ambulances to emergencies.
2) Although there are signs saying 4-Passenger carts only, sign-fatigue is a very real problem and Village officials wanted to make sure each and every spot is clearly marked so there is no excuse when you get a $35 ticket for parking a larger cart there.

With the new stenciled notice in each spot, things have improved dramatically, but there are still many who are sign challenged and/or unable to figure out the number of passenger seats their golf cart has.
Those looking for spots to park your 6-passenger or larger cart, can park on the north side of Delaware Ave. between Hartford and the Bathing Beach; on the west side of Hartford; along the south side of St. Rte. 357 between Catawba Ave. and B-Dock; behind the Town Hall and on Catawba Ave. from Mossbacks to the Reel Bar.
It cost the Village about $2900 to stencil the diagonal parking spots on Delaware Ave.


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