December 2022 Gazette - 2022 - A Year of Change!

December 2022 Gazette – 2022 – A Year of Change!

2022 – A Year of Change!

No matter what the year, there are always changes at Put-in-Bay. This year, the changes were in spades!
Diagonal parking on PIB’s main street, Delaware Ave., and diverting traffic one-way east, were the first major changes since the street went to “golf cart parking only” more than 20 years ago. A post on social media read, “This latest parking gimmick just tops off a whole season of stupidity!”
Speaking of golf carts, we heard more “We have too many golf carts on the island” comments than ever.
Miller Boat Line’s new ferry M/V Mary Ann Market began service.
The new “Put-in-Bay” sign welcomed many first time visitors to the South Bass Island State Park. A gate was put up at the entrance to the campground there, too.
The Monument seawall renovation project is well underway, but not yet completed. It is also interesting that Bayview Ave. going by the Monument had to be rerouted for the project.
Three major island hotels changed hands, the Bayshore, the Islander Inn and the Put-in-Bay Resort and Conference Center.
Once an old island hotel, the Crescent (aka T&J’s Smokehouse), was sold and torn down.
Due to having trouble finding a head chef, Tipper’s doesn’t open until the 4th of July.
There was a major shortage of police officers. The Township and Village locked horns over a new police contract as voters turned down a police levy in the Township.
The island police department buys new weaponry which includes assault rifles with telescopes and suppressors.
The PIB Township Park District opened two new park preserves – Morrison Woods and Duff Woods.
For the first time in memory, the DeRivera Park Trust took on two new members, Ty Winchester and Mark Lekanka.
The Sonny-S, the ferry that runs between PIB and Middle Bass, missed the entire season due to hull repairs.
The Village raised water rates the most it had in years.
The seawall at Oak Point State Park was repaired.
Father Bob Solon takes over from Mother Mary Staley at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
Put-in-Bay School hired new superintendent Scott Mangas.
The “Glass City Pearl” from Toledo started limited passenger service to Put-in-Bay.
The bakery at the Depot is no more, in it’s spot is a new boutique clothing store owned by the Kluns.
Subway at the Commodore Resort had new owners.
The island got some bad publicity in “The New Yorker” magazine after a feature story involving two former PIBPD officers.
The beautiful Steamboat Gothic home of the late Scott and Linda Buttrey on the corner east of Perry’s Monument was sold and re-landscaped by the new owners.
The General Store closed for the winter and the Hardware Store and gas station put grocery items on their shelves.
On Catawba Ave. Mike and Jill Koch are the new owners of Put-in-Bay Brewery, and next door the Forge is closed for the summer undergoing repairs from last winter’s broken water pipe damage.
The “Red Barn” behind the Round House, home to employees for many years, was torn down in November.
The old blockwall, once lined with pay phones, in DeRivera Park got a new colorful butterfly mural.
Like everywhere else inflation hit the islands.
The Great Lakes Islands Alliance held its summit at Put-in-Bay, Kelleys, Middle Bass and Pelee Islands.
ODNR announced it will renovate the Lonz Mansion on Middle Bass and other buildings on North Bass.
You can count the number of permanent residents on North Bass Island on the fingers of one hand. It’s the lowest number since the island was settled in the mid-1800s.
Over on Rattlesnake Island, the printing of RSI postage stamps resumed after a hiatus of 12 years.
All this happened while the Covid pandemic, although not as life threatening, has still not disappeared from the scene.
If we forgot something, don’t bother letting us know. There are already too many things!

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