ODNR Announces $1.4M Matching Grant For Put-in-Bay B-Dock Renovation

ODNR Announces $1.4M Matching Grant For Put-in-Bay B-Dock Renovation

ODNR Awards B-Dock $1.4M Matching Grant for a $2.8M Renovation!

Massive news for Put-in-Bay and Lake Erie boaters, DeRivera Park’s B-Dock is set to undergo a transformative renovation, thanks to a generous $1.4 million Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), which matches $1.4 million being provided by DeRivera Park. The announcement marks a pivotal moment for the Great Lakes boating community and heralds a new era of state-of-the-art facilities that promise to enhance the Put-in-Bay boating experience!

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Ensuring the Long Term Sustainability Of Put-in-Bay Boating

The ODNR’s commitment to revitalizing this popular destination is not just an investment in infrastructure; it’s a testament to the the value the Put-in-Bay boating community brings to the region. The project aims to modernize DeRivera Park B Dock, ensuring it continues to serve as a cornerstone for boaters visiting Put-in-Bay. With a focus on safety, accessibility, and environmental stewardship, the renovation is poised to redefine what it means to dock at the heart of Lake Erie.

We’re so excited to see this kind of infrastructure investment happening at Put-in-Bay, helping keep South Bass Island at the forefront of Midwest vacation destinations! We can’t wait to see you at the Bay…’s revitalized B-Dock! Read on for the official ODNR Press Release:

Official ODNR Press Release

For Immediate Release

February 5, 2024

DeRivera Park B Dock Receives $1.4 Million Boating Infrastructure Grant from ODNR

Renovation project to enhance popular destination on the Lake Erie

PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio — The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has approved a Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) of $1,430,885.50 for the renovation of DeRivera Park B Dock, situated in the heart of Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island. The transformative project aims to modernize and enhance one of the most popular destinations on Lake Erie, providing a state-of-the-art facility for boaters from Western Lake Erie and beyond.

“This project is a vital step in revitalizing DeRivera Park B Dock and ensuring it remains a cornerstone for boaters visiting Put-in-Bay,” ODNR Director Mary Mertz said. “We are committed to creating a facility that not only meets the highest safety standards but also provides a welcoming and accessible environment for boaters exploring the Great Lakes.”

The project’s objectives include the construction of 1,100 linear feet of new fixed docks capable of accommodating up to 75 vessels. Additionally, marina improvements will be designed and implemented to cater to boats over 26 feet in length. This change will offer utilities and flexible mooring. The overarching goal is to create a safe harbor, support educational activities, and achieve Ohio Clean Marina standards which promote sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The anticipated results and benefits of this comprehensive renovation project are numerous. It will lead to the creation of a fully renovated state-of-the-art docking facility, reinforcing Put-in-Bay’s reputation as a premier destination on the Great Lakes. The marina and its surrounding promenade will seamlessly connect to existing sections of the adjacent waterfront trail network, providing boaters with easy access to natural and cultural attractions.

The project is expected to contribute to an increase in tourism, supporting the economic recovery of the region. The renovated slips will also play a crucial role in accommodating boater-oriented events, providing a venue for large regional club gatherings and regattas that regularly visit Put-in-Bay.

The total project cost is estimated at $2,861,771.00, with ODNR awarding $1,430,885.50 through a grant funded by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. DeRivera Park will provide a match of $1,430,885.50 through various public, private, and professional partnerships.

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