Route 53 North Exit Opened!

Route 53 North Exit Opened!

Put-in-Bay Travelers Rejoice! Route 53 North Exit Is Open!

Huge news for travelers visiting Put-in-Bay this season, as the long awaited Route 53 upgrade has been completed and is open for use!

This had long been a pain point on the way to the Bay, as the original infrastructure wasn’t quite up for the volume of cars that the island could see on the weekends.

But now, we’re entering a new era of car travel to PIB! Expect less traffic and shorter drive times. All the more reason to come to Put-in-Bay this summer!


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A Major Boon For Put-in-Bay!

There’s no understating just how important this project is to the long term health of Put-in-Bay. This infrastructure improvement will remove some resistance to traveling to the ferries, and encourage visitors to come back because of a nice, smooth experience.

Many was the time that a busy weekend led to miserable traffic hold ups in either direction at this exact spot. This exit is the remedy to that problem.

It’s been nothing but excitement from the locals and business members who travel to and from the island multiple times a week. They would know best if the new setup is going to work, and they’re ecstatic about it!

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One Less Thing Stopping You From Getting to PIB in 2024!

So now that it’s even easier to travel to the Bay, what’s your excuse? We’ve got a jam-packed 2024 in store, all that’s missing is you!

Check out our event calendar to find some days with an event you’ll enjoy, gather up some friends, book a house or hotel, and hop in the car headed for that Route 53 exit, and meet us at the Bay!