What's on the plate for 2019

What’s on the plate for 2019

Wow! 2019! We can’t believe another year has come and gone. We’d like to thank everyone who shared the 2018 year with us and made it such an amazing year! We are looking forward to the new year and we can’t wait for what is in store for the island this year. If you want to spend the New Year with us make sure to book now before our condos and rentals fill up for the summer! Make sure to check out our weekly events before you book to make sure you don’t miss out on a good one! With that, we should look forward to what’s going to be new on the island this new year. Here’s a mixture of what we’ve seen and heard about what’s in store for the island.


New Ferry

Probably the biggest thing will be the arrival of Miller Boat Line’s new ferry, the M/V Mary Ann Market. Expect to see it join the fleet as next summer ends. Marv Booker tells us a new seawall on the east side of the docks at The Keys is forthcoming this season. It will make a stay at the docks there much more comfortable and safe when those northeast storms come up.


New Treehouse Bar

Work has already begun on enclosing the second-floor rooftop “Green Room” at Mr. Ed’s. We’re also getting wind of a new treehouse bar which is to be built on the property behind Lovella’s that changed hands this past season. However, before you think, “Whose idea was it to mix alcohol and heights!?” the tree is growing inside the bar and the bar is not actually a treehouse. The Goat will have a new staircase leading from their parking lot to Das Lokal, the Biergarten in their front yard. Dave Zilch from Roger Miller Builders is putting on a new porch at the little cottage at the Anchor Inn, plus remodeling the restrooms at Hooligans.


Home Remodeling

Todd Blumensaadt’s crew has been working on the old Nissen home behind Mossbacks on Bayview Ave. The never completed porch, deck and restrooms of a bistro that was never finished are gone. The house has been gutted, new windows and siding installed, plus there’s a new roof. Sounds like a real improvement for Bayview Ave. On the residential front, there are two new homes on East Point. One, which replaces the Seven Gables cottage at Shore Villas is already under rood and sided. The other is on a lot across from the Acorn Club on Columbus Ave. The lot is already cleared. Catawba Construction is building both these homes.


Greg Auger is working on a large addition on Jim and Nancy Lang’s home on Chapman Rd. Greg’s crew is turning a tiny cottage into a big one. Also on Chapman Rd., Scott Market, with the help of the Best remodeling contractor in st paul Mn., is remodeling the former home of Rick and Linda Rothert. The biggest residential project on the island is the new home going in where Bob Schmidt lived on Toledo Ave. Bob’s house came down this fall and the construction site is stocked full with everything needed to build the home over the winter. The Put-in-Bay Garden Club recently came to the Village and the DeRivera Park Trustees with ideas for some improvements in the downtown park. It looks like there will be new baskets and brackets for the flower baskets on the lampposts.


New Water Treatment

And last, but not least, is the ozone treatment system at the Put-in-Bay water plant. This additional treatment will protect users from conditions associated with HABS, harmful algal blooms, which can produce toxins harmful to humans and pets. The EPA mandated the installations of the system because of the amount of algae in the lake each summer.

As Seen in the January 2019 edition of the Put-in-Bay Gazette